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Next Batman's secret origin unfolds in new series Second Son

In the current flash-forward DC event 'Future State,' Tim Fox has taken over the mantle of the Dark Knight with a moniker as the 'Next Batman.' His path to becoming Batman will now be told in an in-continuity digital-first series titled The Next Batman: Second Son.

Debuting February 23, the 12-chapter The Next Batman: Second Son will be written by the returning John Ridley, and joined by a new art team of Tony Akins, Travel Foreman, and Mark Morales.

"Now that the world knows Tim Fox is behind the mask fighting against The Magistrate in Gotham City, what's the truth behind his origin and his connection to the current DC Universe?," reads DC's announcement. "... this miniseries answers the questions behind Tim's estrangement from Lucius Fox and the rest of the Fox family and his evolution from man of mystery to Gotham's newest guardian.

Lucius Fox is a long-time ally of Batman, and became the owner of the Wayne family fortune during the recent'The Joker War' arc of the main Batman title. Luke Fox is the estranged son of the family, but returns to the city (and his family) at the behest of his father.

As part of this announcement, DC has also revealed a special collection of the 'Next Batman's stories in a June 29 hardcover titled Batman by John Ridley Deluxe Edition. It will include the Future State: The Next Batmanl imited series, and related stories from the anthologies Batman: Black and White #3 and Batman: The Joker War Zone #1. At this time, The Next Batman: Second Son series will not be part of this hardcover collection - but it will include an original story by Ridley and Dustin Nguyen.

The Next Batman: Second Son chapter one will go on sale digitally on February 23, with 11 subsequent chapters to follow weekly. The first three digital chapters will be collected as a print edition, The Next Batman: Second Son #1, on April 6.

If you want to read The Next Batman: Second Son in February you’ll need a digital reader. Here are the best comic digital readers for Android and iOS devices.

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