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Every Year we broadcast somewhere for Halloween

each year we feature a different location

Make sure to listen to the yearly event as we hear, experience and see things that will change your outlook of Halloween!!

Halloween Yard Decorations
Full Moon

Each Year we go to a haunted location

Light with Cobwebs

Halloween Special Ryde Hotel 10/31/23

This year Your Nerd Side goes to The Ryde Hotel located in Walnut Grove, Ca. Operating at the height of the prohibition Era, “Hotel Ryde” became notorious and surely enshrouded by a veil of exciting mystery. These days were not long lived. Three early raids on the Speakeasy discouraged business in the the late 20’s and a fourth, in 1930 led to the tunnel being sealed over forever and the bootleg booze went down the drain, both figuratively and factually speaking. While dinners were still served in the main dinning room, the hotel trade dwindled and the elegance faded. The lively riverboats, in time disappeared from the river taking with them much of the color and enchantment. The hotel was reduced to a dwelling place for migrant workers. The casino beneath became a massive storeroom where mounds of junk mingled with pieces of lovely imported furniture, boxes of small demitasse cups and other treasures, all growing moldy and dusty, guarding their well kept secrets from out of the past.



Fonseca takes the show on the U.S.S Hornet the seventh U.S. Navy vessel of that name, was a Yorktown-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. During World War II in the Pacific Theater

Now a museum in Alameda we where taken on a late night tour see and hear about the hauntings on the carrier.. listen to part one the top of the carrier and hear what we heard....

Happy Halloween

Find out more about the USS Hornet click here


The History of USS Hornet

The might of an aircraft carrier lies in its ability to quickly move about the world’s oceans, projecting power whenever and wherever it is needed. The heart of a carrier’s combat strength is its aircraft; her Air Groups provided Hornet’s lethal sting. Hornet’s success was dependent on the capabilities of highly trained pilots and aircrews and the specialized aircraft that operated from her flight deck.

In World War II, her air groups consisted of a fighter (VF) squadron, a bombing (VB) squadron and a torpedo (VT) squadron. During the 1950s as naval warfare technology evolved, so too did the complexity and specialty of carrier-based aircraft. Joining the classic fighter and attack aircraft were electronic/early warning, photo-reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Dual-role aircraft also provided aerial tanking and limited cargo capabilities and helicopters proved essential to carrier operations which included search and rescue missions.



Is USS Hornet Haunted?

Spend an evening with us and find out! Come aboard and learn about Hornet’s more chilling history as you travel about her decks. This is your chance for an exclusive, after-hours tour of the ship! Traverse this steel labyrinth in small groups while investigating our most well-known “paranormal hot-spots” with one of our experienced crew members in the dead of night.

History Mystery tour options are listed below but are also posted on our Online Calendar. For future dates or additional information, please contact (510) 521-8448 x224 or email


Halloween Special Mortuary 10/31/21

This Halloween "Your Nerd Side" goes on location inside a Mortuary in Oakland and did we hear voices and feel things.
















A historic 1932 Mortuary near Pill Hill in Oakland! We will be investigating a location that was in service for 80 or so years. Mortuaries are haunted! Are you brave enough to join us in investigating a location that was likely an active portal (and maybe still is!) to the afterlife? Are your ready to hear what the dead have to say? Don’t miss listening to this this unique show from the Bay Area, it’s not often such a location becomes available for a paranormal investigation!

Fonseca joins Devin Sisk and Ellen Mcfallane from Napa City Ghost Legends Walking Tour. We visit the boiler room, main chapel and the embalming room.




This show scared me and maybe you, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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