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Black Adam's Dwayne Johnson Teases DCEU Origin Stories for Non-JSA Characters

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson recently indicated that the DC Extended Universe film will include superhero origin stories for at least some of its non-Justice Society of America characters.

Johnson teased the introduction of two or more new superpowered crime fighters to the DCEU during a panel at a fan event in Mexico City, footage of which was subsequently uploaded to Reddit. "[While] you watch the other characters, also pay attention to the ones who aren't superheroes... yet, " he said, to cheers from the audience. "So, watch for those people, too." Many fans familiar with the comics have already jumped to the conclusion that Johnson was referring to Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi) and her brother Karim (Mohammed Amer) transforming into Isis and Osiris, respectively, although this remains pure speculation for now.

Should Isis and Osiris appear in Black Adam, they'll be sharing the screen with an impressive line-up of costumed adventurers. Aside from Black Adam himself, the movie includes several stalwarts of the JSA, including Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone. Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge recently talked up the JSA's "refreshing" spin on the superhero team formula, describing it as unique within the genre. "Honestly, don't put [the JSA] up against any of the other teams that we've seen before, because this is a very much [a] refreshing new look at what a superhero team is, as we come together into this space," he said. "You know, it's a whole new experience. So I think that that's what you're going to enjoy the most about it."

Black Adam Brings a Ruthless Quality to the DCEU

Hodge also praised the camaraderie between Hawkman and his teammates, particularly Pierce Brosnan's team leader Doctor Fate. This solidarity will likely come in handy in Black Adam, as the team finds itself confronted by a very powerful and very ruthless adversary in the form of the movie's titular anti-hero. Johnson opened up about Black Adam's brutal methods in a recent interview, noting that the character won't hesitate to rip his opponents in half. At the same time, Johnson insisted that Black Adam also lives by a clearly defined moral code, which revolves around keeping his family, his people and himself safe from harm.

The star went on to say that Black Adam's harsh brand of justice sets him at odds with one of the DCEU's other heavy hitters, Henry Cavill's Superman, as the Man of Steel is ultimately defined by his compassion. "Pound for pound, [Black Adam] has the powers of Superman -- but has become a god who has zero mercy in the DC Universe," Johnson said.

Black Adam arrives in theaters on Oct. 21.

Source: Reddit

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