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Tim Drake Lands a New Solo Robin Series Spinning Out Of His Pride Special Story

DC is giving Tim Drake's Robin his own solo series spinning out of Batman: Urban Legends and DC Pride: Tim Drake Special.

DC announced that Batman's third Robin will soon headline his own solo series, Tim Drake: Robin, which launches in September. The series, which comes from writer Meghan Fitzmartin (Batman: Urban Legends, Dark Crisis: Young Justice) and artist Riley Rossmo (Harley Quinn), will follow Drake as he enters into a new chapter as a superhero operating in Gotham City. The synopsis reads, "This kinetic, high-energy series pulls Tim center stage as a mystery over a year in the making takes shape. A new villain who’s been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and everyone else Tim cares about in peril. All that and Tim finally carves out a corner of Gotham City just for himself, and sets up shop in his very own…murder-shack-boat?"

Created by Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick, Tim Drake first appeared in 1989's Batman #436 and became Batman's third Robin following Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in 1990's Batman #1990. Having also operated under the Red Robin alias for a time, Batman: Urban Legends #6 saw Tim come out as bisexual after he previously dated Stephanie Brown and Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl. Since then, Tim has been in a steady relationship with one of his friends, Bernard Dowd.

DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 saw Tim reconnect with Stephanie after they had broken up as the two, along with Superboy and Impulse, deal with a runaway elephant in Gotham City. Once the elephant has been dealt with, Tim confides in Stephanie and tells her he still values their friendship. "You have always been exactly what I wanted and more, he tells her."I just realized... It wasn't because of your gender, you know? I don't only like girls." The issue ends with Tim introducing Stephanie to Bernard for the first time and the two becoming fast friends.

While Tim navigates his way through his new solo series, Batman's biological son, Damian Wayne, will continue his journey as Robin in Batman Vs. Robin. The new series, which comes from writer Mark Waid and artist Mahmud Asrar, goes on sale Sept. 13.

Tim Drake: Robin #1 features cover art by Ricardo López Ortiz and variant cover art by Jorge Jiménez, Sweeney Boo, Dan Mora and Jamal Campbell. The issue goes on sale Sept. 27.

Source: DC

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