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The Mandalorian Season 4 Gets an Update Following Movie Announcement

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Per Deadline, development on the highly-anticipated The Mandalorian Season 4 is still in the works at Lucasfilm. However, further details about its plot and release date have not yet been revealed. It also remains unclear if production on Season 4 would also be starting soon, given that the upcoming live-action movie has been set to begin filming sometime this year. The newly-announced project will be directed by series creator Jon Favreau, who is also producing alongside Lucasfilm executives Kathleen Kennedy and Dave Filoni.

Besides Favreau’s upcoming Star Wars movie, Lucasfilm is also currently developing another Mandalorian-centered film spinoff which hails from director Dave Filoni. The untitled project was announced during 2023's Star Wars Celebration event, where it was revealed that Filoni is planning to wrap up the stories told in Disney+ shows such as The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, and the upcoming Skeleton Crew. The said shows all take place within the same timeline, which follows the aftermath of 1983’s Return of the Jedi.

In a previous interview, Filoni teased his vision for his first live-action Star Wars movie, revealing his hopes of creating an "era-defining" story for the franchise. "The way I look at it, there are [small] stories, and then there’s the big story of the day, too," Filoni said. "A New Hope, Empire and Return Of The Jedi tell the important parts of the tale that really define the history of the period. There are all kinds of sub-stories underneath that. We’ve been building all these small stories."

What to Expect in The Mandalorian Season 4?

Prior to the Hollywood strikes, Favreau confirmed that he had already finished writing the scripts for The Mandalorian Season 4. "We have to know where we're going to tell a fully-formed story, so we had mapped it out, Dave and I, and then slowly you just right each episode," he said. "So I was writing it during post-production [on The Mandalorian Season 3] because all of it has to feel like a continuation, one full story. Following the official end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, stuntman Brendan Wayne, who shares the titular role of the bounty hunter with Pedro Pascal, previously teased that production might start soon, as work on Season 4 is currently "getting ramped up."

The Season 3 finale featured Din Djarin and Grogu settling into their very own cabin located outside the capital of Nevarro, after Greef Karga generously offered them a place they could call home. Meanwhile, Bo-Katan Kryze partners with The Armorer to rebuild and restore Mandalore back to its former glory after defeating Moff Gideon and his dark forces. At the moment, plot details about Season 4 have not yet been disclosed, but Katee Sackhoff previously clarified rumors regarding Bo-Katan potentially replacing Din as the new titular character. Sackhoff denied the said rumors by stressing that The Mandalorian "will always be Din Djarin's show."

The Mandalorian Seasons 1-3 are available on Disney+.

Source: Deadline

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