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What Happened To Wolverine's Universe In Deadpool & Wolverine?

Your Nerd Side Show with Aaron Fonseca:

Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be the breath of fresh air that the Marvel Cinematic Universe desperately needs amid its controversial Multiverse Saga. Set to release on July 26, 2024, as a part of Phase 5, the new film acts as a bookend to Fox's X-Men franchise while simultaneously connecting certain characters to the MCU. The highly anticipated Deadpool sequel follows Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) as he tries to save his universe from complete destruction with the help of an old frenemy, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

The latest trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine finally gives audiences their first good look at Hugh Jackman's return as his iconic mutant as Wade recruits him for a special mission. To viewers' surprise, Deadpool finds Wolverine depressed and drunk, indicating that he is a very different version of the character than the one seen in previous X-Men movies. In the trailer, Deadpool indicates that Wolverine could not save his universe from some unspecified threat, but offers him a chance to finally redeem himself. What exactly happened to Wolverine's universe and how does it tie into the events of Deadpool & Wolverine?

What Happened To Wolverine's Universe In Deadpool 3?

Despite Wolverine's death at the end of Logan, Hugh Jackman's iconic X-Men character makes another appearance during the events of Deadpool & Wolverine--though he appears to be a very different version of the mutant than viewers have seen before. In his meeting with the Time Variance Authority, Deadpool learns that this Wolverine variant "let down" his entire world. It is unclear precisely what happened in his universe, but it clearly affected Logan in the years that followed. It appears that whatever happened was devastating enough to be well-known to civilians like the bartender who kicks Logan out of his establishment, but not cataclysmic enough to bring about the end of his universe, as is so often the case when the multiverse is involved.

Wolverine's failure may have something to do with the main villain of Deadpool & Wolverine, Cassandra Nova, as portrayed by The Crown's Emma Corrin. If this character is the threat that the TVA recruits Deadpool to face, it would make sense that he would turn to a variant of Wolverine who has fought her in the past. The new trailer shows Nova to be a powerful enemy, casually puppetting Wolverine with her telepathic powers as he tries desperately to free himself and kill her. It may be that Cassandra Nova already took over this Wolverine variant's world and is now ready to move on to other universes, potentially including Deadpool's and even the MCU.

Who Is Cassandra Nova In Deadpool & Wolverine?

In Marvel Comics, Cassandra Nova is one of the biggest threats that the X-Men have ever faced. She is the dark twin of Professor Charles Xavier, a parasitic mummudrai who was meant to never escape the confines of the astral plane. Instead, she used her brother's psionic powers to develop a physical body for herself and attempt to kill him in the womb. Although the fetal Charles survived this murder attempt by blasting his evil sister with psionic energy, Cassandra managed to survive despite her destroyed body. She gradually reconstituted her physical form over several decades, eventually re-emerging as a fully-formed individual with similar powers to those of Professor X.

Unfortunately for Charles and the other X-Men, Cassandra Nova committed atrocities that shocked the world. The complete ideological opposite of her benevolent brother, Cassandra seeks to destroy everything that Charles loves, believing everyone but the two of them to be nothing more than illusions from his psyche. In her conquest, Cassandra initiated multiple genocides on mutantkind, killing millions in the process. This eventually led to her being imprisoned 2 billion years in the past by the Marauders in a last-ditch effort to finally save the world from Cassandra's villainy. This is the twisted and wicked villain that Deadpool and Wolverine face in the events of their upcoming team-up movie. Such a powerful enemy could easily be the reason for this Wolverine variant's downfall.

Why Did Wolverine Fail To Save His Universe?

As powerful as Cassandra Nova might be, the question remains how she was able to defeat Wolverine. Wolverine and the X-Men have always been able to surmount terrifying odds, saving the world at every turn, even when it seemed impossible. It stands to reason, then, that this version of Wolverine may not have been as much of a team player as his counterpart in the other X-Men films. While Logan started as a surly and uncooperative teammate, he grew to be one of the best members of the X-Men, leading the team on several missions. This variant, however, may not have learned the same lessons, fracturing the team and leaving it ill-prepared to deal with the threat of Cassandra Nova when she arose. Wolverine's refusal to be a team player could have led to the X-Men being slaughtered in Nova's crusade, leaving him behind to live with the consequences of his poor choices.

Deadpool & Wolverine's new villain's victory over Wolverine in the past could explain the performance issues he seems to be having with his claws in the new trailer. Defeated and ridden with guilt, Wolverine may be struggling with his mutant abilities as a result of this major blow to his confidence. Of course, a partner as infuriating as Wade Wilson would certainly help Wolverine unleash his inner rage once more, returning to the dangerous X-Men everyone knows and loves. Finally getting back to form, Wolverine would be more than willing to help Deadpool finally defeat Cassandra Nova and get revenge for his fallen friends.

Deadpool & Wolverine sets up an intriguing story for Wolverine, giving Hugh Jackman a good reason to reprise his iconic role after seemingly retiring seven years ago. As Wolverine prepares to face his most dangerous enemy yet, fans can't wait to see this upcoming adventure.

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