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X-Men '97 Director Addresses Captain America Cameo Tease

Your Nerd Show with Fonseca:

X-Men '97 production head and director Jake Castorena delved into the recent tease for Captain America in a mid-season promo. The Sentinel of Liberty, of course, is no stranger to the Children of the Atom, as he was featured in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode, "Old Soldiers."

During an interview, Castorena was asked about the tease in question and its ramifications, to which he avowed to Screen Rant, "You're gonna see cameos and while I will hesitate to confirm verbally who we will see, [I'll] let the footage speak for itself and let you ponder that how much you will but what I can say is, something that I spoke with earlier and a talking point that comes up with this episode in particular, are consequences."

Castorena added that the "act of something so shocking, something that really can both bring people together and its core or divide them like they've never been before" is what he would say is for "fans to look forward to cameos or what characters may or may not come in."

Cameos From Characters Who Haven't Been Animated Before Will Be Included

Earlier in that same interview, Castorena professed that "some personal favorite characters and some that may have been in the OG show" as well as some audiences may not have seen animated before will pop up in X-Men '97. However, one will just "have to stay tuned in to find out."

Prior to these statements, Castorena affirmed that there will be more Marvel camoes in upcoming episodes, noting that on the production team's end, it was "mostly nothing but encouragement [from Marvel Studios]." Castorena went on to further comment, "Cameos [are] in the DNA of the show. That's been ingrained from day one, that goes down to what the OG show did, right?"

Additionally, executive producer Brad Winderbaum declared that X-Men: The Animated Series has "a lot of fun cameos" and X-Men '97 carries that torch, going on to note that the latter "fits into that '90s timeline" along with the former and "those concurrent '90s shows that would sometimes cross over with the X-Men," cryptically asserting that the potential is always there.

Regarding X-Men '97 itself, Winderbaum conveyed that Season 3 is already in development, proclaiming that like X-Men: The Animated Series drafted "so heavily from Chris Claremont's work," the production team is continuing that.

X-Men '97 is now streaming on Disney+.

Source: Screen Rant

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