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Star Wars: Visions Vol. 3 Is Reportedly Already in Development

More Star Wars: Visions could be on the horizon.

According to industry scooper Jeff Sneider, Lucasfilm and Disney are already developing a third volume of the acclaimed anthology series. At the time of writing, Visions Vol. 2 has just been released on Disney+ to very positive reviews but the studios have provided no insight into whether more episodes of the anthology series have been greenlit. No other information on the purposed third volume were shared by Sneider.

Star Wars: Visions currently spans two Volumes that consist of non-canon stories set within the galaxy far, far away. While Season 1 was built entirely on the contributions of anime studios, Season 2 brought in a variety of animation houses from across the globe, including South Africa, India, Ireland, the United Kingdom and South Korea. Each episode focuses on a different character and story, exploring everything from fallen Sith apprentices on the run from the Dark Side to aspiring pilots entering a podrace with an embarrassing parent.

Visions' Lack of Canon Content

While many enthusiasts hoped that Star Wars: Visions would be canon within the current timeline, Lucasfilm has confirmed that while the narratives may be inspired by official lore, they aren't considered part of the core universe. "On some level, everything that is done within Star Wars is influencing everybody else working within Star Wars," said James Waugh, an executive producer on the show. Elaborating on this, Jacqui Lopez, who is also credited as an executive producer on Visions, explained that the short-form nature of the show was intentional as it keeps audiences coming back for more. "I would make a series on all of these characters! I wanna see what happens next on every single one," Lopez said.

Visions may be rooted firmly outside of the canon but that doesn't mean audiences aren't treated to some familiar faces. Volume 1 featured Boba Fett, the fearsome bounty hunter and now crimelord of Tatooine, while the latest collection includes ace Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles. Aardman Entertainment, the studio behind Wedge's return, expressed their excitement at bringing back Denis Lawson to play the role he made famous in the Original Trilogy. "[Wedge has] done pretty amazing things in Star Wars, but he wasn't maybe as recognized [for it]," said director Magdalena Osinska. "I think he has more lines in our film than the original Star Wars trilogy! We really wanted to give him the limelight that he deserved."

Star Wars: Visions​​​​​ Vol. 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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