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Star Wars Fans Celebrate Life Day

There are many memorable dates in Star Wars fandom, as they often reflect important anniversaries of the release of exciting new installments into the franchise, with November 17th being one of the most infamous days in the community, as it marks the anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special. Fans first witnessed the variety show on November 17, 1978, and saw stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford all appear in the event, which featured comedy sketches, musical performances, and a narrative about Chewbacca and Han Solo trying to get to the Wookiee's family to celebrate "Life Day" festivities.

In hopes of offering audiences a nondenominational event, as well as avoiding the inclusion of real-world holidays into a galaxy far, far away, Life Day was an amalgam celebration in the series, which fans have come to recognize as being on November 17th. Star Wars creator George Lucas was so embarrassed by the special that it only aired once and it has never been released in any official capacity, though bootleg copies have circulated far and wide in the decades since its debut. Despite the distance Lucasfilm has tried to create between the studio and the special, various creatives have found clever ways to honor Life Day and incorporate its traditions into the official canon.

This year's Life Day is even more special than in years past, as Disney+ unveiled the all-new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which features a number of references to the event that introduced audiences to the holiday.

Scroll down to see Star Wars fans honoring Life Day!

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