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Resident Evil Village Gets a Cryptic New Teaser

Capcom shared another Resident Evil Village teaser this week to hint at some ominous happenings taking place within the new game. The teaser takes the form of a “confidential” note from an unnamed writer who catalogued events happening around undisclosed locations. Resident Evil sleuths have already been quick to discern from the teaser and past reveals what some of the hidden information might be referring to, and some people even have ideas as to who might be leaving the messages.

Resident Evil games have housed cryptic messages from survivors and entities like the one below for years now to better flesh out the games’ worlds, so it makes sense that the Resident Evil Twitter account would adopt a similar sort of teaser. The “Field Log” captured in the image talks of someone monitoring a situation from a classified location while taking note of “recent tracks and blood along the route” that hint at someone “dragging bodies.”

But through some crafty examinations of the game’s various special editions and the contents they include, some players have been able to decipher parts of the messages. Comparing the note to a map seen in the Collector’s Edition of the game, Twitter user naven0m pointed out that the first redacted line likely says “Reporting from Beneviento House” while the second redacted part likely says “to monitor the “Village.” The final redacted portion of the note could potentially say “recording Castle occupants” which would likely be a reference to Lady Dimitrescu and her companions.

Then there’s the question of who’s leaving these sorts of notes behind. The no-nonsense style of the report coupled with the Resident Evil Village characters we know of so far brings to mind Chris Redfield, a character who’s most definitely in the game but with unknown motives. We’ve seen some teasers and other details to indicate he might not be the same version of Chris that Resident Evil fans recall from other games, but if this note is from him and he’s monitoring Castle inhabitants, it could hint at his alignments.

This teaser will likely be the first of many, so expect to see more of these in the future while we wait for Resident Evil Village to launch in May.

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