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Fallout Fan Recreates the Show's Vault-Tec Map for Google Earth Overlay

Your Nerd Side Show with Fonseca:

Prime Video's Fallout revealed new details about the franchise's lore, which now gives fans a better idea of what life was like before and after The Great War. One fan takes things up a notch by creating an interactive map of the Vault-Tec vaults revealed in the show.

A Fallout fan has contributed to the TV show's world-building by recreating how the Vault-Tec locations would be laid out in the real world. In Episode 7 of Prime Video's Fallout, a flashback scene at Vault-Tec HQ revealed plans to build the bunkers across the United States. X user @Tunnelsnakefool put this information to good use by converting it into a cartographic overlay for Google Earth, prompting other users to pitch in contributions. At the outset, the map is a mere overview of Vault-Tec homesteads, at least to viewers unaware of Fallout's dense lore. Others immediately worked up a backstory of why Vault-Tec chose those locations.

@Tunnelsnakefool has even created a Discord server for working updates, which will eventually overlay all in-game maps from the Fallout franchise into a Google Earth mockup. Players of the Fallout video games have also built a comprehensive wiki for this, which documents all known vault locations, their purposes, and how these are referenced in the franchise. The Vault-Tec map in the TV adaptation adds another layer to the lore even as it expands the overarching story of the show, which revealed a heavy concentration of vaults on the U.S. East Coast. Fans immediately cooked up theories on Reddit, with X user @Werthead even providing historical context for the placements.

Fans Debate Over Fallout Canon

Prime Video's Fallout adaptation has in many ways introduced the franchise into the mainstream, especially to audiences unfamiliar with the games. There have been six full RPG titles released in the series to date on top of spin-offs. Passion for the video games has even birthed a highly contentious fan base; many assert that any Fallout entry developed before Bethesda Games should be part of the canon. Some also maintain the same applies for the TV adaptation, which allegedly ignores non-Bethesda Fallout lore. The show succeeds as a faithful adaptation nonetheless, escalating the story and teasing where a potential Season 2 would take place.

Fans and critics praise Fallout's version of a post-nuclear apocalypse, and despite taking significant creative liberties with the source material, it delivered a fresh and engaging story even general audiences can relate to. The producers of the show acknowledged there's more to explore with the sheer scale of Fallout's world, and as such they hope to develop an overarching plot that spans multiple seasons.

Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video.

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