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Transformers One Trailer Teases the Untold Origin Story of Optimus Prime

Your Nerd Side Show with Fonseca:

Paramount has released the first trailer for Transformers One. The hotly-anticipated origin story for Optimus Prime and Megatron will be the franchise's first-ever fully CG-animated movie.

Set before the fall of Cybertron, Transformers One will reveal how a young Optimus Prime and Megatron, then known as Orion Pax and D-16 respectively, went from friends to enemies. The trailer is packed with action and comedy, while also showing fans how Orion and D-16, as well as B-127 (a.k.a. Bumblebee) and Elita-1, received the power to transform into cars. Chris Hemsworth, Bryan Tyree Henry, Keegan-Michael Key, and Scarlett Johansson lead the voice cast for Transformers One as Orion Pax, D-16, B-127, and Elita-1, respectively. The official trailer for Transformers One can be viewed below.

The First Animated Transformers Movie in 40 Years

While Transformers One will be the first CG-animated Transformers movie, it will also be the first animated movie in the franchise since 1986's Transformers: The Movie, which was set 20 years after the events of the original '80s animated series. Transformers One has been in development at Paramount since 2015, with director Josh Cooley boarding the project in 2020. In addition to the aforementioned actors, the movie stars Jon Hamm as Sentinel Prime and Laurence Fishburne as Alpha Trion, with Steve Buscemi in an undisclosed role.

At the recent CinemaCon, Paramount revealed the official Transformers One logo, as well as the first official logline, which read as follows: "The long-awaited origin story of how the most iconic characters in the Transformers universe, Orion Pax and D-16, went from brothers-in-arms to become sworn enemies, Optimus Prime and Megatron."

Despite being the eighth installment in Paramount's Transformers film series, One's connections to the larger franchise remain unknown at this time. While it has been reported that the movie is the third entry in the reboot series after Bumblebee and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, others have stated that it is a standalone movie set in its own universe. This confusion will likely be cleared up once the movie opens in theaters this September.

Is There Another Live-Action Transformers in the Works?

The last live-action Transformers movie was 2023's Rise of the Beasts, which was set in 1994 and followed a pair of Brooklyn archaeologists who embark on a globe-trotting adventure with the Autobots and Maximals. Although Rise of the Beasts was a financial disappointment, failing to break even during its theatrical run, Paramount is confident enough in the franchise to move forward with a sequel, which will be a crossover with the G.I. Joe franchise. At this time, it is unknown when production might begin on Transformersx G.I. Joe, as well as who will direct, write, and star in the project.

Transformers One is scheduled to hit theaters on Sept. 20, 2024.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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