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Star Wars Villainous Expandalone Characters Announced by Ravensburger

Your Nerd Side with Fonseca:

Ravensburger unveiled two new Star Wars characters joining the Disney Villainous lineup.

Ravensburger has revealed a new Star Wars Villainous expandalone set titled Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last. Following the new format for releases, this expandalone set will feature two characters who revel in the Dark side of the Force. The first character will be the ruthlessly ambitious Sith lord Darth Maul, who debuted in Star Wars: The Phantom Menaceinstantly becoming a fan favorite with his dual lightsaber, later featuring in Star Wars: The Clone WarsStar Wars: Rebels, and even popping up in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The second character in the set will be the fiercely formidable Commander of the First Order Captain Phasma, who debuted in the sequel trilogy, more specifically, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her powerful stature, chrome armor, and a strong performance by Game of Thrones alumni Gwendoline Christie, led Phasma to become a fan favorite, even with her limited screen time.

"The Star Wars galaxy is filled with rich, nuanced, dark, tragic, wonderful stories, especially when it comes to fan-favorite villains like Darth Maul,” said Lysa Penrose, Head of New Games Marketing at Ravensburger. “When it comes to celebrating the dark side of the Force, we knew we had to tell the story of Darth Maul through Villainous’ immersive gameplay. How does one capture that in a deck of cards? Fans should look forward to our team’s custom art of iconic moments and an Objective more ruthless than ever before.”

In the press release, Ravensburger further explains the characters, saying that, "each villain offers a 'Villain Deck' of cards with a unique and immersive gameplay style inspired by that character’s motivations and stories throughout Star Wars media. Players must channel their villain’s 'Ambition,' strategic thinking and luck to be the first to achieve their sinister objective." However, players may want to heed Vader's warning not to "choke" on that ambition. The Star Wars Villainous game also differs from the other Disney Villainous games as it features game mechanics that are unique to the Star Wars universe including specific rules for iconic ships and transports, and a unique currency for Force-wielders. More details on specific gameplay components will be revealed in June alongside the game's preorder.

Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last features beautiful box art with a threatening Darth Maul in his signature pose, wielding that red dual lightsaber. The set comes with detailed movers of each character, as well as everything needed to play the game. While this is an expandalone set, meaning it can be played with nothing else added, fans of the Star Wars Villainous game can mix this set in with the other sets available, Star Wars™ Villainous: Power of the Dark Side​ and ​Star Wars™ Villainous: Scum and Villainy, for a much greater Star Wars experience. The expandalone will be available for pre-order on June 24, 2024, and on sale ​​​​​​at Target beginning July 21, 2024, at a reduced price point ($19.99 USD/$29.99 CAD).

Source: Ravensburger

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