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MCU 10 Scariest Characters From The Disney+ TV Shows


Sharon Carter Took A Turn For The Ruthless

Sharon Carter is initially introduced as a heroic figure in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and its follow-up Captain America: Civil War, being one of Steve Rogers's firmest supporters within SHIELD. Getting caught up in the events of Civil War, however, see her on the run and turning desperate.

By the time of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon has been forced to set herself up as the ruthless Power Broker in order to survive. Throughout the series she manipulates things from the shadows, culminating in the killing of Karli Morgenthau. To see a once-benevolent character take a dark turn has shaken many.


US Agent Is A Reminder That Good Intentions Can Be Corrupt

Introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the official replacement for Steve Rogers as Captain America, John Walker initially seems dedicated to keeping America and the world safe, and maintaining order. However, over the course of the series, he slips further and further, culminating in a brutal murder of the Flag-Smasher Nico.

While he attempts to make amends by helping Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, Walker is still roaming free despite his vicious killing, and is preparing to suit up again as the superhero US Agent. Simply being informed that the world "Won't need Captain America," Walker remains an at-large threat.

8White Vision Spends Much Of His Appearance Emotionless

Constructed by SWORD to put an end to Wanda Maximoff and The Hex in Wandavision, White Vision has all of the power and durability of the original Vision, but lacks the compassion and the close relationships Vision had with Wanda and the other Avengers.

Wanda is initially overjoyed to see White Vision, but his response upon seeing her is to begin attempting to crush her head, while taunting her for her seeming lack of strength. It is only the intervention of the Hex's own version of Vision that avoids Wanda being murdered by somebody wearing the face of her love.


Ravonna Renslayer Is Well-Intentioned But Merciless

Through her work for the Time Variance Authority,

Loki's Judge Ravonna Renslayer is dedicated to protecting the 'Sacred Timeline' and everyone who lives within it. She bears the responsibility for protecting trillions of lives, but is ruthless in pursuit of that.

To maintain order, Renslayer has no qualms about judging Variants and having them 'pruned' - sent to the Void to be devoured by Alioth - merely for being Variants, and thus different from the Sacred Timeline. While she indicates a desire to change after Mobius confronts her, she has nonetheless been responsible for countless deaths without a pang of guilt.


Zemo Is As Driven And Manipulative As Ever

Helmut Zemo, initially from Captain America: Civil War, serves as an uneasy ally of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes throughout The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, aiding them in dealing with rogue supersoldiers. However, despite his change of allegiance, and his trip to the dance floor, he still remains the same scarily competent villain from his first appearance.

Staying ahead of several groups wanting him arrested and killing several, Zemo remains on the darker side of the series's morality, and is no less effective for it. At the end, even while imprisoned in The Raft, he orchestrates several assassinations, reminding viewers of just how lethal he can be if he gets out again.


Valentina Allegra De Fontaine Has Plans In Mind

Taken in concert with her cameo in Black Widow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Contessa de Fontaine appears to be making plans that are bad for the Avengers. Keeping to the shadows, she has so far approached two former allies of the Avengers to inform them that she is looking for powerful individuals.

In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, she outright alludes to danger towards the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, saying that soon there will be "chaos", and the world won't need Captain America. It is clear that Contessa de Fontaine is preparing, and Louis-Dreyfus sells it with a quiet menace.


Kang The Conquerer Spells Doom

The current form of Kang the Conqueror has not been seen in the MCU, but what viewers were told of him in Loki is enough to keep many on tenterhooks. One of the variants of Nathaniel Richards who sought to conquer other timelines to his rule, he so terrified He Who Remains that he set up the Sacred Timeline, a selection of timelines that are safe from the warlord, and enforced it brutally.

Promising to bring destruction and carnage to the world of the MCU, Kang has taken the throne of the TVA following Sylvie Laufeydottir's killing of He Who Remains, leaving one of the most dangerous foes of the Avengers in possession of some of the most powerful technology in existence.


Alioth Is A Death Sentence Crossed With A Mindless Predator

Alioth is less of a character, and more of a force of nature. When Variants are 'pruned', they are sent to the Void, where Alioth hunts them relentlessly. Never giving up, it devours anyone or anything from out of time that it touches, and fighting it is beyond impossible.

The most terrifying exhibit of Alioth's power that viewers get to see is when the USS Eldridgeappears in the Void, and is set upon nearly-instantly. The crew try to fight it off, but it remains unharmed and kills them all near-instantly.


Agatha Harkness Is Shrewd, Devious, And Unfettered

When viewers first see Agnes in Wandavision, she appears to be just one of many people trapped in Westview's sitcom reality, albeit a prominent one who tends to appear at times of conflict. Towards the end of the series, however, she is revealed to be Agatha Harkness, a dark witch who seized on the events in Westview to steal Wanda's power.

Throughout the series, Agatha preys on the very-vulnerable Wanda, cruelly heightening her grief by forcing conflict between her and Vision, and bringing her dead brother back to the forefront. At first she's a cruel false friend, but towards the end of the series Kathryn Hahn's performance turns into active malevolence, and both are chilling.


Wanda Maximoff Is Relatable And Sympathetic, But Terrifying

Despite being the protagonist of Wandavision, Wanda Maximoff presents a scary figure throughout. Inextricably linked with the unexplained goings-on in Westview in early episodes, and even occasionally coldly threatening Vision, it becomes clear by the end that Wanda has forced the situation upon the town, bringing hell upon hundreds of people, even forcing her own nightmares on them.

All Wanda wanted to do was surpress her grief by living out the sitcoms of her childhood, but in doing so she terrified and tormented an entire town. Her motives are sympathetic, but her actions, even somewhat unintentional, are horrifying. With her power growing and her acting with more intention, viewers have to hope Wanda heals and makes better choices, or the consequences could be dire.

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