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Everything Star Wars Newcomers Need to Know About Ahsoka Tano

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The latest Star Wars show, Ahsoka, is heading to Disney+, but newcomers to the galaxy far, far away might not be too familiar with the character. She's made her mark in the animated side of the franchise, appearing in series like The Clone Wars, Rebels, Tales of the Jedi and even Forces of Destiny. But her recent jump into live-action in The Mandalorian and The Book Of Boba Fett set up the solo series perfectly.

There are so many crucial character details that new Star Wars fans have to know about Ahsoka so that they can get the most out of the Disney+ streaming series. After all, the show seems to be heavily relying on the lightsaber wielder's complex history and definitive relationships to guide its own story, so further context to Tano's past adventures is definitely helpful.

10 Ahsoka was originally rejected by the fans

Ahsoka Tano was first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated movie. The film was designed to set up the ongoing TV show, although it's fair to say that critically the long-form release wasn't as well-received as the TV spinoff. Ahsoka took on a primary role, getting brought in as Anakin Skywalker's new apprentice.

But fans didn't immediately warm to the character. She was considered annoying and got in the way of the narrative too much. She was designed as a point-of-view character to convey the galaxy to younger viewers, but Ahsoka would only truly be accepted by fans once she began to develop in her own right. Her complexities built as she became more interesting, ensuring that she no longer seemed out of her depth.

9 Ahsoka Is Deeply Connected to Anakin Skywalker

Fans are awaiting plenty of major cameos in Ahsoka, but it seems to be confirmed that Anakin Skywalker will be making some kind of appearance. The Jedi is integral to Ahsoka's story, and it doesn't feel right that the characters have never interacted with one another in live-action before.

The duo have a sibling-like relationship, with Anakin teaching Ahsoka everything he knows. He grew to love his Padawan, and she helped him work on many of his flaws. When Anakin fell to the dark side, Ahsoka was absolutely broken. But there was clearly a part of Darth Vader that felt joy that Ahsoka had survived Order 66, despite the fact that the two eventually fought one another in Rebels.

8 There Was a Potential Love Interest in Ahsoka's Life

The Jedi are forbidden to make personal connections of a romantic nature, as an attachment can be a distraction from the light side. While Ahsoka's Master, Anakin, struggled with this rule, she managed to push away the temptation. There was a significant love interest in her life, though.

Lux Bonteri was introduced into Ahsoka's world as the son of a Separatist Senator. While the duo didn't see eye to eye at first, Lux showed Ahsoka that the war they fought in was more complicated than she initially thought. Their affection for one another grew as they teamed up time and again in increasingly dangerous scenarios. Despite their initial differences, they shared many of the same ideals, and Lux's intelligence and bravery were both qualities that Ahsoka appreciated. Their love was never allowed to fully develop, though.

7 Ahsoka Is No Longer a Jedi

Ahsoka Tano was a Jedi for a huge portion of her life. Indeed, most of what she knew came from being in the Order, so it was a daunting prospect to leave it all behind. However, after the Jedi wrongly accused Ahsoka of crimes committed by Barriss Offee, she decided that she could no longer remain in the Order.

Ahsoka hasn't been a Jedi since. Although she still studies the Force and wields lightsabers, she has rejected many of the flawed teachings of the Order. The rules and lessons of the Jedi haven't aged well, and Ahsoka represents a new path forward. Her white lightsabers are an indication of her status, and hopefully, the Ahsoka series will answer the questions surrounding her current links to the Order.

6 Ahoska Joined the Jedi Order at a Young Age

Ahsoka Tano followed the same path as many other Younglings and Padawans before her. Her links to the Force began to show themselves from a young age. Ahsoka is a Togruta and grew up on the planet Shili. Tales of the Jedi managed to perfectly convey her younger years and her path to joining the Order.

The character was out hunting with her mother when a predatory animal kidnapped her. Ahsoka's family was distraught, but the young Tano used the Force to communicate with the animal, calming it and encouraging it to bring her back to her home. It was a sure sign that Tano was gifted, and she was taken to the Temple by a veteran Jedi.

5 Plo Koon is Father Figure to Ahsoka

While Ahsoka has always looked to Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi for guidance, there is a member of the Jedi Order that she has always viewed as a father figure. Plo Koon was the Jedi who found Ahsoka on Shili and immediately bonded with the Youngling.

Koon has felt a great sense of pride watching Ahsoka grow to become a powerful Jedi and has likely broken some of the rules of the Jedi when it comes to forming attachments. Plo Koon's loss during Order 66 would have been a massive blow to Tano as he was always around to offer sage words of advice.

4 Ahsoka Was the First to Learn Grogu's Name

Grogu is arguably one of the best characters introduced through the Disney+ Star Wars shows. While the Yoda-like foundling has bonded with Din Djarin and has been adopted by the Mandalorian, it was actually Ahsoka who first made a personal connection with Grogu through the Force.

No one knew the child's name, but Ahsoka finally learned of Grogu's past after meeting him for the first time. Grogu had been trained as a Jedi Padawan, but Ahsoka hadn't ever met the child at the Temple in their previous lives. Ahsoka refused to continue the foundling's training, though, because she rejected the ways of the Jedi.

3 Ahsoka Earned Captain Rex's Respect

When Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano first met, the Clone Trooper was unconvinced by the young Jedi's skills. He didn't want to put the lives of his brothers in the hands of someone inexperienced. However, Rex has been with Ahsoka every step of the way.

A mutual respect began to form between the pair, and eventually, Rex learned to trust Ahsoka more than anyone else. He owes his life to the Jedi after she successfully freed him of the Empire's control during Order 66. Although Rex almost turned on his long-time friend, they continued to share a partnership years later as part of the Rebellion. Hopefully, the character will reappear in Ahsoka.

2 Ahsoka Was Rescued Via the World Between Worlds

The World Between Worlds was introduced in Star Wars Rebels as a mysterious plane that appeared to open doorways across time. The last time viewers had seen Ahsoka Tano before Ezra Bridger discovered the strange location, she was fighting Darth Vader.

However, Ezra pulled Ahsoka through a portal in the World Between Worlds, saving her from her former Master. The location thus serves an important part of Ahsoka's story, and it seems as if it will be making a return in her Disney+ streaming show. It may even unlock the key to time travel itself.

1 Ahsoka Is Watched Over by Morai

Across the Star Wars franchise, there are multiple animals that represent the Force or are connected to the balance of life in some way. Morai was one of these animals, a type of bird-like creature known as Convor that seemingly watched over Ahsoka at crucial stages in her journey.

While never an overly featured character, Morai can always be seen in the background of major scenes, including in Ahsoka's live-action appearances. With links to the Force persona named The Daughter from the world of Mortis, Morai has often been considered to be a guardian angel for Ahsoka. Clearly, there is something special about the former Jedi that the universe has recognized.

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