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Daredevil Has Officially Married [SPOILER]

The following contains major spoilers for Daredevil #4, available now from Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios officially tie the knot in Marvel's Daredevil #4, though the honeymoon may have to wait.

Daredevil #4 comes from writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Rafael de Latorre, color artist Matthew Wilson and letterer VC's Clayton Cowles. In the series so far, Elektra has recruited Matt/Daredevil to help her lead the Fist, an organization created thousands of years ago that's meant to oppose the Hand. In 2021's Daredevil #25, Stick revealed to Elektra that the Fist needs both a king and queen to rule over the organization; however, only one of them can survive.

A Short-Lived Wedding Celebration

While a dark future for either Matt or Elektra may or may not be on the horizon, the two proceed to join one another in holy matrimony in Daredevil #4. The ceremony isn't a typcial one; rather, the two have to climb through mountainous terrain and fight the undead souls of deceased members of the Hands before any vows can be exchanged. Foggy Nelson offers to accompany the two of them before they depart, but Elektra and Matt tell him to stay behind given the trek will be a dangerous one. Once Elektra and Matt survive the fight against the unded souls, Stick appears and serves as the couple's officiant. "Do you relinquish your old life, the way of the world below, for the world above...for the strength of a Hand looking inward? For the Fist?" he asks, which gets a pair of affirmative responses out of the happy couple. The issue ends with the two of them lying on the ground and holding hands while Stick declares, "Congradulations. Now let's get to work."

While Matt and Elektra have had romantic feelings toward one another ever since Elektra debuted in 1981's Daredevil #168, the marriage is made all the more complicated by the fact that Matt also has refound feelings of love toward Kirsten McDuffie. Matt admitted these feelings to Kirsten in Daredevil #2, but he also knew their relationship couldn't last due to his commitment to the Fist. Daredevil #4 also doesn't mark the first time Matt has been married. He previously wed Milla Donovan, but the marriage is eventually annulled and Milla is hospitalized at a mental instution.

Daredevil #4 features cover art by Wilson and Marco Checchetto and variant cover art by Checchetto, Paulo Siqueira, Rachelle Rosenberg and Marcio Menyz. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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