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Adam Driver Says He Didn't Kill Han Solo — 'Wokeness' Did

This week's Your Nerd Side Show:

On Saturday's episode of SNL, Driver returned to host the sketch comedy program for the fourth time with Olivia Rodrigo joining him as musical guest. In his opening monologue, the actor played a piano while revealing his Christmas wish list for Santa Claus. After joking about some of the things he wants, Driver brings up the time he joined the Star Wars universe as Kylo Ren, going on to kill Harrison Ford's iconic character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Driver said how he wishes fans will stop giving him grief over the memorable scene. The monologue can be viewed below, per NBC.

"I turn 40 this year, Santa, so I'd like five pairs of Chinos," Driver jokes. "Oh, and I'd like people to stop coming up to me on the street saying, 'You killed Han Solo.' I didn't kill Han Solo. Wokeness killed Han Solo! [...] Let's see what else do I want? Oh, you know those TikToks where it's like those couples who do pranks on each other? Can you kill those people?"

Adam Driver Gets Star Wars Fans Reminding Him Frequently About Han Solo's Death

Driver recently commented about how often he gets reminded by fans about his character killing off Han Solo. He noted how it used to be much more often after the movie was released, though even with many years passing, it's still something he hears a lot. For his part, the scene just reminds Driver of how wonderful it was to collaborate with Harrison Ford.

“Somebody reminds me about that every day... Not every day but yeah, it used to be more but now it’s probably once a month somewhere," Driver said on Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?. "Obviously, John Williams’ [score] wasn’t playing in the background and it was very emotional actually, shooting it with Harrison. Harrison was so generous and contemplative and to me that was a great moment on set, even though it was his death.”


It's not yet known if Driver will return to Star Wars as Kylo Ren, though Daisy Ridley has her own movie coming up, so it's certainly possible. Meanwhile, Driver recently starred in the Enzo Ferrari biopic Ferrari, which is set for a Christmas Day release. He will also star in Francis Ford Coppola's upcoming sci-fi epic Megalopolis.

Saturday Night Live can be streamed on Peacock, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens can be found streaming on Disney+.

Source: NBC

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