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10 Things Comic Book Spider-Man Would Hate About His MCU Counterpart

counterpart might not approve of those differences.

The third entry into MCU's Home universe is vastly approaching with Spider-Man: No Way Home due in theaters later this year. This time around, if rumors are to be believed, the latest entry will take a look at Spidey through the guise of multiple universes, meaning that former Spider-Men like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will be making their returns per FandomWire.

10 MCU Spider-Man Never Mentions Uncle Ben

In the comics, the death of his Uncle Ben - which he inadvertently caused - is the driving force behind Peter's ambitions as a superhero. His uncle was such a substantial part of his life that he hardly goes a single issue without at least monologuing about him. Without Uncle Ben, there is no "with great power comes great responsibility" quote.

There is no such quote nor mention of Uncle Ben in the MCU, save for a couple of subtle hints to his existence, like Peter's suitcase with his Ben Franklin Parker's initials carved into the handle. It makes it seem as though this universe's Uncle Ben never made much of an impression on Peter.

9 He Was Given All Of His Tech & Suits

One of the largest characteristics of Peter Parker in the comics is that he has always been self-made. He made all of his own costumes and technology, including his web-shooters, from scratch. Being self-made helped Peter learn some important lessons on his own, but without that quality in the movies, Peter takes much longer to come across those lessons.

8 He Has Tony Stark As A Mentor

Speaking of Tony Stark, the movies give Spider-Man something he never really had, and that is a mentor to teach him the ropes of being a hero. The closest that Peter ever had to a mentor was Uncle Ben, but Ben doesn't live long enough to even see Peter don his costume.

Stark, meanwhile, makes Peter his costume and begrudgingly serves as a father figure type of character to Peter from the moment MCU viewers first laid eyes on him. It's safe to assume Stark may have held a stronger impression on Peter than Ben ever did since audiences actually see Peter grieve and mourn Tony's loss.

7 Everyone Knows His Secret Identity

The comics version of Peter Parker always sacredly guards information about his alter ego with the utmost secrecy, especially from his loved ones, save for a very small fraction of those around him. The one time that he got lackadaisical with his secret is when he told the entire world about it and even then, there were consequences that led to him going to extreme measures to undo what he did.

In the Home universe, while literally everyone in the world discovers his secret in the end, most of his friends and family knew prior to Mysterio's reveal. His aunt, best friends, and even some fellow heroes and opposing villains know who Spider-Man is under the mask, but it never plays a major significance in the plot. In fact, it made Peter's life easier not having to lie to Ned or Aunt May about his after-school activities. MCU Peter is just terrible at keeping his secret a secret.

6 He Gets A Lot Of Help From Everyone

This goes back to the whole self-made idea. Spider-Man is often forced in the comics to fend for himself and work alone. It made life difficult, but it also helped build his own character. With so many friends and mentors on his side, it presents very few obstacles for Spidey to overcome in the MCU.

5 He's Way Too Trusting

Never mind the fact that he is trusting with friends and family in the MCU. At least that can be understood and explained away because they are his loved ones—people whom Peter has known for years and can be trusted with his darkest secrets.

Meanwhile, the same cannot be said for someone like Mysterio. Not only does he form an alliance with this mysterious "hero" the moment they meet, but he decides to willingly hand off Tony Stark's glasses, a pair of the most important and powerful devices that the Iron Man made before his death, into the hands of a stranger he knew over the span of a couple of days. Obviously, it backfires. Comics Peter could've seen that coming.

4 He Relies Too Much On His Suits

One of the disadvantages to MCU Peter receiving help from everyone is that it takes him too long to gain confidence in himself and his own abilities that stretch far beyond what his suits and powers are for. Before he's Spider-Man, he's simply a man.

He learns that lesson in the MCU until the very end of Homecoming, but Comics Peter would be disappointed that it took MCU Peter so long to understand that. Although, when MCU Peter is privileged to have friends in high places who can make him suits, it shouldn't be too surprising.

3 There's A Lack Of Financial Struggle

A key ingredient to the Peter Parker character traditionally has been that he struggles to make ends meet. His family was never wealthy and they're basically broke—Aunt May is too old to work and Peter has to scrounge for money as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, needing to take pictures of Spider-Man to make a quick buck. He represents the average working-class citizen.

In the movies, the state of Peter's money situation is never really addressed. Peter himself clearly isn't working—the Stark Industries internship is nothing more than a cover-up—while Aunt May is working at the Salvation Army, which apparently pays well enough to afford a decent-looking apartment.

2 He Lets Flash Thompson Bully Him

Before he became Spider-Man in the comics, Peter was often tormented by a buff schoolyard jock named Flash Thompson who was the star quarterback of the football team. Once Peter acquired his powers, he made sure the bullying between him and Flash was put to an end.

1 There's No Mary-Jane Watson Or Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy emerged in the comics as the first love of Peter Parker's life while Mary-Jane Watson was positioned clearly as the biggest love of his life. For many fans, it is close to impossible to imagine him with anyone else but them.

Yet, the MCU gave audiences an entirely new, original character for Peter's latest love interest. Though her name is a nod to MJ, Michelle Jones is nothing like Ms. Watson. That's totally fine, but might be a little perplexing to the more traditional Comics Peter.

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