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X-Men Introduces Brand-New Versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey

The following contains spoilers for Bishop: War College #2 from Marvel Comics.

A preview of Bishop: War College #2 officially introduces new versions of the X-Men's Cyclops and Jean Grey into Marvel lore.

In the Marvel miniseries' first issue, Lucas Bishop found himself transported to a different universe after an unexpected run-in with the Fenris Twins, who are now working with anti-mutant organization Orchis. Bishop's disappearance came at an especially bad time as he was in the midst of training a bunch of younger mutants to defend the island of Krakoa when the Fenris Twins attacked. Bishop: War College #1 arrived with Bishop arriving at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngers and staring at two costumed heroes who appeared to be different versions of Jean and Cyclops/Scott Summers.

Bishop: War College #2 comes from writer J. Holtham, penciler Sean Damien Hill, inker Victor Nava, artist Alberto Foche, colorist Espen Grundetjern and letterer VC's Travis Lanham. A preview provided by Marvel for the issue confirms the two new characters are Scott and Jean variants; although, Bishop doesn't believe them and instead reaches for his gun, causing things to quickly escalate.

Bishop's New Chapter Begins in Marvel's War College

The synopsis for Bishop: War College #2 reads, "BISHOP FACES OFF AGAINST...THE X-MEN? What's a Bishop story without time travel? Shunted to a strange future, Lucas discovers familiar faces who will permanently alter his worldview. Meanwhile his students are in danger, and not just of failing his course. Helped by shocking allies, the anti-mutant organization Orchis has finally found a way onto Krakoa. Is this the end of the island?"

Bishop: War College was originally announced during 2022's New York Comic-Con as a five-issue miniseries. "Bishop is a hard dude, really. He's lived through war, genocide, the future, the past," Holtham previously told Marvel about the character and how his role as Krakoa's military leader played into writing War College. "And he's always kept his eye on the ball: protecting mutants and securing their future. I think the Krakoan era has been a bit of a gut check for him. It's an era of apparent peace and power. Soldiers always struggle to transition into peacetime. For Bishop, being Captain Commander keeps him from having to actually contemplate a life during peacetime. But he's still gonna have to adjust.

Bishop: War College #2 features cover art by Ken Lashley and Juan Fernandez and variant cover art by Khary Randolph, Yen Nitro and Ron Lim. The issue releases March 15, 2023, from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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