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Worlds Without a Justice League Debuts New Looks for John Stewart, Kyle Rayner (EXCLUSIVE)

The cover art for DC's upcoming Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern one-shot reveals new looks for two major Green Lantern characters, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

CBR has an exclusive reveal of the cover art for Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern, created by Fernando Blanco and Mario Foccillo. The covers show John Stewart embracing his new Emerald Knight persona, a role handed to the character in Green Lantern #12. Foccillo's cover also shows Kyle Rayner floating behind Jason Todd with a massive, Emerald cape and a blindfold over his eyes.

Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern comes from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Blanco. Along with the main Green Lantern story, the one-shot also includes a separate Hawkgirl-focused entry by writer Nadia Shammas and artist Jack Herbert. The synopsis reads, "When Pariah and his forces of the Great Darkness laid waste to the most powerful superheroes of all time, all hope was lost...but the spirit of the Justice League can never truly die. John Stewart takes flight to defend his planet as the Emerald Knight of Justice alongside allies Red Hood and the blind prophet Kyle Rayner! Plus: Hawkgirl takes to the skies in her own unique world! Where there’s life there’s hope, and with that hope comes a deeper unraveling of the tapestry of the DCU’s biggest event of 2022!"

Every member of the Justice League apart from Black Adam met their demise at the hands of Pariah and the Great Darkness in Justice League #75. Dark Crisis is DC's next major crossover following the events of Justice League #75, as the heroes left alive on Earth must now come together and protect the planet from the various emerging threats. Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition 2022set Deathstroke and Clayface up as two characters who are using the Justice League's disapperance to commit villainy, while other foes are forthcoming.

Along with the seven-issue Dark Crisis series and Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern, DC will release a number of other Worlds Without a Justice League one-shots seeing in the coming months focused around the absence of Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman and more. Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League - Superman by Tom King, Chris Burnham, Brandon Thomas and Fico Ossio comes first when it releases on July 12.

Worlds Without a Justice League – Green Lantern goes on sale August 9 from DC.

Source: DC

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