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Venom Introduces Eddie Brock's Final Form

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Although Venom #29 features appearances from Eddie Brock in a myriad of forms, including the villainous Meridius, it focuses most heavily on the seemingly meek and lowly Tyro. When Tyro is yet again spurned by Meridius for the umpteenth time, he decides to "throw [himself] into the deep end" by tapping into his vast powers as a King in Black and exploring the void that exists somewhere beyond the confines of the Marvel Universe as fans know it best. There, after emerging from a pool of bodies floating in an endless sea of symbiote goo, Tyro discovers a massive floating hand with flaming fingertips. While this entity calls itself The Eventuality, Tyro recognizes it for what it really is -- the long-fabled Seventh Eddie.

Venom #29

  • Written by AL EWING

  • Art by CAFU

  • Colorist FRANK D'ARMATA


  • Cover by CAFU


The mantle of King in Black, otherwise known as the God of Symbiotes, is one that Eddie Brock claimed after slaying Knull, the progenitor of all symbiotes who led a gruesome crusade across the cosmos after escaping from his ancient prison within what was previously believed to be the symbiote homeworld of Klyntar. It wasn't until 2022's Venom #5 by writer Al Ewing and artist Bryan Hitch that the Eddie fans know best tapped into his then newfound powers and became displaced in time, landing in the middle of Meridius' Garden of Time where he met his fellow Kings in Black.

In the time since, Eddie has not only learned the truth behind his fellow Kings' identities as future iterations of himself, he has come to understand and master the powers they share in ways that no other King in Black has even attempted. As a result, Eddie was able to resurrect himself on Earth, effectively becoming the first human-symbiote hybrid to exist entirely on its own.

Previously, Eddie's son Dylan, the current host to the Venom symbiote, was the only proper human-symbiote hybrid to exist within the confines of the primary Marvel Universe, as he was born to Eddie, Anne Weying, and a latent portion of the symbiote that was left behind from Anne's time bonded to it as She-Venom.

Venom #29 is available on January 3 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel Comics

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