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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This week voice over artist Dawn M Bennett Lodi Comic Con

The NY Post says a ''Back to the Future'' musical, based on Michael J Fox's 1985 movie, is coming to Broadway in 2023. says Michael J. Fox is going to receive an honorary Oscar statue later this year. The Academy says, "The Academy's Board of Governors is honored to recognize four individuals who have made indelible contributions to cinema and the world at large. Michael J. Fox's tireless advocacy of research on Parkinson's disease alongside his boundless optimism exemplifies the impact of one person in changing the future for millions."

Fireworks Prices Skyrocketing Ahead Of July 4th: NBC says fireworks prices are skyrocketing because of supply chain issues and soaring transportation costs. Fireworks retailers say prices have jumped by 25% this year after jumping by 40% in 2021. It used to cost $5,000 to bring a fireworks container to the U.S.. That cost is now $30,000.

International Space Station STINKS: The Daily Star says the International Space Station currently smells awful because astronauts tend to pass gas more often when they are in space. Astronaut Tim Peake says, "It's a little bit like a barbecue that's gone wrong. Burnt meat, scorched, metallic smell – almost like static electricity when you take your jumper off and you've got those static sparks.

Super Mario producer Chris Meledandri tells Entertainment Weekly that Italians won't be offended by Chris Pratt's portrayal of ''Super Mario''. ''Pratt did a superb job as the Nintendo icon. When people hear Chris Pratt’s performance, the criticism will evaporate, maybe not entirely — people love to voice opinions, as they should. I’m not sure this is the smartest defense, but as a person who has Italian-American heritage, I feel I can make that decision without worrying about offending Italians or Italian-Americans… I think we’re going to be just fine.”

Thieves Steal $2K Worth Of Barbie Dolls: WYOU says thieves recently broke into a storage unit in Monroe County, Pennsylvania where they stole $2,000 worth of Barbie dolls. The thieves also took $5,000 worth of

Independent News says Britney Spears' husband, Sam Asghari, recently sent his audition tape to Marvel Studios because he wants to be an action star. A source tells the website, : "Sam wants to play a positive role model for young Persian men, rather than the villains they are usually portrayed as. He has been working on his screen fighting skills and has upped his training in mixed martial arts and undertaken stunt classes.

Woman Speaks Alien Languages: The Daily Star says Mafe Walker, of Colombia, claims she can speak several alien languages. She says her ability to speak alien languages was unlocked when she visited several ancient pyramids near Mexico City. Mafe believes she receives alien vibrations

- Brobible says HBO is developing a Game of Thrones sequel series that will see Kit Harington return as Jon Snow. HBO has seven Game of Thrones spinoffs in development.

Chris Hemsworth tells CBR that he is still getting in shape to play Hulk Hogan. "Todd Phillips is busy doing Joker 2 I believe, and I've been off doing other films. It's all in conversations and in development, and like a lot of things, a lot of things need to come together for it to happen. But I don't have 24-inch pythons... yet.

David Duchovny tells Yahoo Entertainment that he is open to doing more X-Files shows and movies. ''I'm always up for more, clearly. Someone sent me a clip of Joel McHale from the 2016 episodes we did, and it's a spot-on description of where we're at six years later. I don't think Chris Carter gets enough credit for being [prescient]. Forget about the ins and outs of plots and who gets pregnant or who gets shot. I mean, every show turns into a soap opera, so you have limited options. People are going to die or get pregnant or go to prison, right? Or become president. I think like it's a little bit in the weeds to worry about characters' fates, when you realize that Chris somehow made a show in 1993, and again in 2016, that predicted what 2022 would be like. If he wanted to do more, I'd certainly listen to him. I'd say, "What have you got?’'

Heinz And Wonder Bread Strike Deal For Equal Number Of Buns And Dogs: Yahoo News says Heinz Ketchup and Wonder Bread have entered into an agreement to make hot dog buns in packs of 10. Prior to the agreement, hot dogs were sold in packages of 10 while buns were sold in packages of eight. The National Hot Dog Sausage Council previously addressed the issue by saying; “Sandwich rolls, or hot dog buns, most often come eight to the pack because the buns are baked in clusters of four in pans designed to hold eight rolls.”

Exercise Pill Being Developed: Researchers from Stanford and Baylor University are working to create a new exercise pill. They have identified a molecule that keeps people from getting hungry after working out. The pill has been successful in reducing food intake and obesity in mice.

Professor Yong Xu says, “Regular exercise has been proven to help weight loss, regulate appetite and improve the metabolic profile, especially for people who are overweight and obese. If we can understand the mechanism by which exercise triggers these benefits, then we are closer to helping many people improve their health.”

Newsweek magazine says Marty McFly's hoverboard from ''Back to the Future 2'' is being auctioned off. It is expected to sell for as much as $120,000. A Delorean from ''Back to the Future'' is expected to sell for $200,000.

Entertainment Tonight says the first pictures of Ryan Gosling playing Ken from the new Ken and Barbie movie where released yesterday. They show him with blond hair and a six pack of abs. He is also wearing a denim vest.

Spider-Man star Zendaya is not pregnant. She posted; “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter… Just making stuff up for no reason…weekly. Anyway back to filming Challengers”

The NY Post says ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' star Patricia Heaton blasted Disney yesterday for casting Chris Evans as Buzz Lightyear. She posted, “Saw the trailer for Buzz Lightyear and all I can say is Disney/Pixar made a HUGE mistake in not casting my pal Tim Allen in the role that he originated, the role that he owns. Tim IS Buzz! Why would they completely castrate this iconic, beloved character?”

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