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The TARDIS’ New Interior Revealed During Doctor Who Special

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Fans have gotten their first official look at the TARDIS’ redesign in the new Doctor Who 60th anniversary special.

Towards the end of the episode, as the Doctor and Donna are reunited and the latter has gotten all of her memories back, they go on one final ride in the TARDIS. The fourteenth version of the Doctor, played once again by David Tennant, shows his joy at the TARDIS’ new interior, running around to get a full look at everything. Watch the full clip, posted to Doctor Who’s social media accounts, below:

Tennant is the fourteenth Doctor for three special episodes airing this month and next on BBC in the UK and Disney+ worldwide, but he won’t be sticking around forever. Ncuti Gatwa is already lined up as the next Doctor, and is set to take over at the end of the third 60th anniversary special, which is scheduled to air on December 9. Gatwa will then make his full debut in this year’s Christmas special, titled "The Church on Ruby Road."

Tennant’s 14th Doctor is Different From His Last

David Tennant might be back in the role as the Doctor, but he’s not the same exact character that he played over a decade ago. The Doctor has been through a lot, and had several different faces since then, including Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker’s iterations. However, showrunner Russell T Davies recently dove deep into the new episodes that he’s apart of, explaining the differences between the 14th and 10th Doctors.

In a recent interview, Davies said that the 14th Doctor is “slightly more human” than the 10th version, marking a key difference between the two versions of the time-traveling hero played by David Tennant. Despite that, he still resembles the 10th Doctor as Tennant brings his usual wit and enthusiasm to the role, almost as if he never left in the first place. Davies, who was the main writer for the original Tennant era, said that returning to write this version of the character alongside Donna Noble was easy, as “those big characters don't go from your head. They keep on ticking away."

Doctor Who: The Star Beast is streaming now on Disney+.

Source: Doctor Who on X

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