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The Boys: Mexico Spinoff Series in the Works With Blue Beetle Writer

This week's Your Nerd Side Show:

Weeks after the first season of Gen V wrapped up its run on Prime Video, it's been reported, per Deadline, that The Boys will get another spinoff series. Called The Boys: Mexico, the new spinoff will be written by Blue Beetle writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. Actors Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal are also on board to executive produce, and it's possible that one or both could also appear in supporting roles for the series. Casting is now underway and there are plans to find a new co-showrunner to work on the show alongside Dunnet-Alcocer.

Along with writing Blue Beetle, Dunnet-Alcocer also wrote the script for Sony's upcoming El Muerto movie. According to reports, Dunnet-Alcocer is also attached to a planned remake of Scarface that's in development at Universal Pictures, though the status of that project is unclear after it lost its director. His previous work includes writing the script for 2019' Miss Bala.

The Boys Gets Its Third Spinoff

The first spinoff series for The Boys was The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated anthology series. That was followed by Gen V, which was the second spinoff, but the first that was in live-action, like The Boys. Gen V turned out to be a hit for Prime Video, drawing in high viewership and very high praise, ultimately resulting in a series renewal. The show's creatives have teased that there could be more of this world to be explored in additional spinoffs.

"I think Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg] and Eric [Kripke] are genuinely interested in [more spinoffs]," Amazon exec Vernon Sanders told Entertainment Weekly ahead of Gen V's premiere. "I think we've been probably the ones who've been wanting to be careful not to over-expose. So, once we committed to Gen V, we really wanted that to be the next thing out. And once we have it out and get a chance to see how everyone's reacting to it, we can start talking about, like I said, what comes next."

Now that Gen V has proven itself, it would seem that not much time was wasted in moving forward with giving The Boys another spinoff show. Meanwhile, the main series continues to move forward with its anticipated fourth season coming to Prime Video in 2024. The season picks up shortly after the events of Gen V's first season, as the two shows are closely linked. It remains to be seen just how much The Boys: Mexico will tie into its parent series.

The Boys, Gen V, and The Boys Presents: Diabolical can be streamed on Prime Video.

Source: Deadline

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