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The 10 Best Board Games For Parties

Board games have been invading parties a long time, and the genre of party games is only growing with many new titles being released each year. Some party games fade into the background whereas others stand out— these are often played when friends and families gather together for a game night.

Party games range from light, silly, and fun to extremely tense moments of lying and bluffing. Companies are dedicated to creating more party experiences for players, and many games attempt to shake up the genre with bold new ideas.

10 Wits & Wagers Makes Trivia Fun For Everyone

Many trivia games are simply a matter of players either knowing the answer or not. Wits & Wagers changes this by asking questions that are nearly impossible to answer correctly and allowing other teams to bet on one another's answers. The game creates a very welcoming experience which is atypical of many trivia games. Anybody and everybody can play this game, have a great time, and even do quite well if they bet on the right people.

9 Ultimate Werewolf Turns Party Goers Against Each Other

In UltimateWerewolf, players are dealt role cards in secret. The cards tell players whether they are a villager or a werewolf. The game is played in a series of rounds; at the end of each round the werewolves will eliminate 1 villager secretly. Then all of the townsfolk wake up and the accusations begin. At the beginning of Ultimate Werewolf, there aren't many clues, but as the game progresses, players grow more suspicious of each other. Villagers have the opportunity to banish others from the village, but they won't know if they're banishing a werewolf or an innocent until the end of the game.

8 Monikers Creates Inside Jokes In Just A Few Minutes

Monikers is played in 3 rounds during which players attempt to get their teammate to guess what it says on their card. In the first round, players may say any words not on the card; in the second round, players may only say one word; in the third round, players may only mime. The same cards are used each round — meaning small gestures that were done in the first may come up later in the third. The game builds on itself, leading to an exciting and funny experience for the players.

7 Telestrations Is The Perfect Game For Bad Artists

Telestrations is a popular party game that combines the games Telephone and Pictionary. The most forgiving and most accessible aspect of the game is that players who are bad at drawing can only enhance the game. Each player has a book on which they will write something on the front. The next player must then draw that thing. The next player then writes what they think the previous player drew.

6 Sushi Go Party! Shows Players How Fun Drafting Can Be

Sushi Go Party! is the party edition of the hit mini-game Sushi Go! and it adds to the original game. Sushi Go Party! is a drafting game where each player starts with a hand of cards, picks one, and passes the rest to the next player. From the very beginning of the game, it is a tense experience as players choose what they believe to be the correct card for them that round. Sushi Go Party bumps the player count to 8 players.

5 Codenames Is Clue-Giving At It Purest

In Codenames, two teams attempt to guess words in a grid on the table. The game works with a large group as the size of the teams only adds to the experience.

One player on each team will give single-word clues and a number of how many cards that clue relates to. Then their teammates will try to guess the correct cards. The catch is that some cards belong to the other team and one card is an instant-loss card — which players want to avoid at all costs.

4 Deception: Murder In Hong Kong Is A Fast-Paced Detective Movie

Many board games have players take on a secret role. In the case of Deception: Muder In Hong Kong, one player will be the murderer while all other players are detectives. The detectives do not know who each other are and they may even find themselves accusing each other rather than catching the culprit. Deception: Murder In Hong Kong sets itself apart by having the accusations start immediately. Players will come up with all sorts of reasons for why someone is or isn't the murderer.

3 The Chameleon Combines Word Games & Bluffing

The Chameleon is a unique and interesting take on games of its type. Players have cards that reveal to them which word is the answer. The player who is the chameleon does not know the word. The other players attempt to say a clue that is clear enough that it signals to other players that they know the word, but vague enough that the chameleon isn't able to guess the word. The chameleon is simply trying to blend in and not get caught.

2 The Resistance Is As Tense As Games Can Get

In The Resistance, some players are spies while others are part of the resistance. The spies know who each other are but the resistance members only know about themselves. Players will go on missions and discuss among themselves to try and sniff out the spies.

A spy may trick everyone until the very end or take the fall for the other spies' mishaps. Gamers have been enjoying The Resistance for years as they find that each game is full of tense moments, exciting endings, and memorable experiences.

1 Don't Get Got Is The Mission Impossible Of Party Games

Don't Get Got is unique because it's not played at a table — it's played in the background. The game gives each player secret missions to complete at some point before the party is over. If a player were to catch another player and say, "Is this for the game?" then that mission is considered to be failed and cannot be reattempted. However, if a player does complete a mission, they may say, "You got got!" and mark that mission as complete.

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