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Superman's New Costume's Special Abilities, Revealed

The following article contains spoilers for Superman #3 from DC Comics.

The Man of Steel dons his brand-new, white costume, which comes with a few hidden abilities, in Superman #3.

Superman #3 comes from writer Joshua Williamson, artist Jamal Campbell and letterer Ariana Maher. Superman #2 revealed Rudy Jones/Parasite's powers had mysteriously been altered so that he now can create multiple clones of himself. At the end of the issue, Clark Kent also learns that Rudy's powers can now infect people, as he enters into a body horror nightmare after he begins transforming into one of the deadly Parasite creatures.

In Superman #3, the infected-Clark has no choice but to break into Stryker's Island and recruit help from some of his greatest enemies, Lex Luthor and Livewire. Using Livewire as bait, Lex and Mercy Hargraves manage to draw Rudy to Supercorp (the company formerly known as Lexcorp), where Superman is then waiting for them in his all-new white costume.

Livewire manages to not only draw Rudy to Supercorp, but all of the other Parasite clones, too, meaning the microscopic versions infecting Clark leave his body and return the Man of Steel back to normal. Superman then attaches a removable head covering to his new costume (not to be confused with Clark's other white costume DC recently debuted in Superman: Lost), which he refers to as a "containment suit," to ensure he doesn't become infected by Parasite or one of his clones for a second time.

Superman’s New White Costume Originally Comes From The Animated Series

Speaking with CBR in an exclusive "Spoilers of Steel" interview, Williamson said the white costume is an updated version of Clark's containment suit from Superman: The Animated Series. "We see Super-Parasite, and then we're going to see him in the cool, white costume," he explained. "We've talked before about me seeing how many toys I can put into this book. I went back and read the script, and it said, 'You've got Parasite, Super-Parasite, and then you've got Superman in a new version of The Animated Series containment suit.' Jamal, I noticed in Issue #4 there's also a scene where Superman has a new suit, and I went back to the script and was like, 'I didn't put that in the script!' but you did it anyway, and it was like you read my mind."

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