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Superman's Actions May Have Jeopardized All of Earth

The following contains spoilers for Action Comics #1048, on sale now from DC Comics.

Superman's time on Warworld may have inadvertently jeopardized all of Earth, Action Comics #1048 reveals.

Action Comics #1048 features the third chapter in the "Kal-El Returns" storyline, a shared crossover between Action Comics and Superman: Son of Kal-El. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, featuring art by Mike Perkins, colors by Lee Loughridge and letters by Dave Sharpe, "Kal-El Returns" sees the Man of Steel return to Earth and reunite with his friends and family after being away to fight on Warworld for the past year. While Superman's cosmic mission has resulted in some changes to the Earth's solar system and has also seen him and Lois Lane adopt two children from Warworld, Action Comics #1048 introduces an even bigger hurdle to overcome: the total destruction of the planet.

Superman Now Has to Battle Gods

Lois, Otho-Ra and Osul-Ra and Bibbo Bibbowski are all hanging out at the Metropolis Zoo when a sudden explosion interrupts their day. Out of the explosion arises Orion, Kalibak and Desaad of Apokolips, all of whom quickly meet stern opposition when Superman comes flying in. The three of them aren't alone, however; Metron also arrives on behalf of New Genesis with a message for the Last Son of Krypton. "For the sake of a few million slaves, you have endangered all creation..." Metron says to Superman in reference to the recently freed slaves on Warworld. "...And now the New Gods must decide what is to be done." Metron confuses after Superman expresses confusion over the statement, "You set out to topple Warworld, knowing nothing of its origins or importance. You read our ancestors' secret writing, followed it to our hidden necropolis and awakened a power that should have slept for all time. You stole the Fire of Olgrun, Superman of Earth...and now you will answer to us."

While Superman tries to interject, Desaad and Orion deduce that Osul-Ra is now the one harboring the Fire of Olgrun, which was revealed in Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 (by Johnson Brandon Peterson, Will Conrad, Max Raynor and Miguel Mendonça, Loughridge and Sharpe). The issue ends with Orion and Kalibak battling Superman as they attempt to kidnap Osul-Ra, all while Metron watches from a distance.

Action Comics #1048 features cover art by Steve Beach and variant covers by David Lapham, Trish Mulvihill, Riccardo Federici and Rafael Sarmento. The issue also features a backup story, "Red Moon: Part Two," written by Johnson, with art by Lapham, colors by Mulvihill and letters by Sharpe. Action Comics #1048 is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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