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Peacemaker's DCU Status Just Got a Whole Lot More Confusing

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Peacemaker creator and DC Studios co-head James Gunn revealed an intriguing fact about the Max series' first season.

Over on Threads, Gunn stated that Peacemaker Season 1 isn't canon to the DC Universe, also telling an inquiring fan that Season 2 "will take place after the events in Superman." When another fan asked if it was important and meant that events in the Man of Steel's newest cinematic outing would "have an impact on PeacemakerS2," the filmmaker replied, "Yes." Prior to this, Gunn had confirmed in 2023 that Season 2 would take place in the new continuity and address it.

That same year, Gunn had remarked that Peacemaker Season 2 would arrive after Supermanwhen asked if the former project was still happening. As for when the season will be made, Gunn avowed on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast, Inside of You, "Peacemaker's coming back right after I do Superman. That's my next thing. I'll go straight into Peacemaker from Superman." He also confirmed that Adrian Chase/Vigilante would return "[probably] before Peacemaker Season 2."

John Cena Will Return for More Peacemaker 

Additionally, leading man John Cena sang the praises of Gunn and his partner Peter Safran, professing at the time that he was "very excited" about the new leadership at DC Studios because he "[loves] James Gunn as a human being and Peter Safran, as well," going on to further note that he "[has] the utmost respect for them as professionals." Cena went on to declare, "I've never seen people so prepared and who take it so [seriously] and have so much passion for it and aren't afraid to be themselves. What you will see from DC in the future is the heart of James Gunn. He is not going to leave anything on the table. He will not make a vanilla movie that says 'movie' on the end of it and then serve it to you."

"He will take chances, he will be brash, he'll do things his way, but you will get authentically his creative mind, which I think is brilliant," he concluded. "So, whether the future DC involves Peacemaker or not, as a fan and as a friend of James, I'm excited for the future of DC."

Concerning his future as Peacemaker, Cena said he sure as "hell had a fun time" doing the show and that Gunn had "made some statements that we're going in for season 2," adding that what Gunn says, he usually does.

Peacemaker Season 2 currently does not have a release date.

Source: Threads

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