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Starman Leads a Team of Justice League Rejects in New DC Black Label Series

DC's Black Label line is expanding in May with the debut of a new series entitled Danger Street, from writer Tom King and artists Jorge Fornés and Dave Stewart.

The 12-issue, bimonthly series is described as a "deeply layered crime drama" that centers on a team of Justice League rejects: Starman, Metamorpho and Warlord. In order to gain notoriety, the heroes attempt to best the Apokoliptian despot Darkseid, but "Soon they’ll learn that calling upon a New God never ends well, and their world is headed for disaster as a result!"

Danger Street marks the reunion of King, Fornés and Stewart, who previously collaborated on DC Black Label's 12-issue Rorschach series that ran from October 2020-September 2021. "Things are crazy right now," King said ahead of the series' debut. "I mean, it's insane; it's driving people insane. And we have to talk about it; we have to try and make things that are as good as all that's bad out there is bad, or else we'll just surrender to it, and who wants to do that, who has the time to do that? The language of Rorschach is a language you can tell a story about a world like this in. It doesn't work with Superman and Batman. Those are the wrong words. But Rorschach, he can talk to it, he can describe it, he can write it on a sign and march it down the street past all the heroes ignoring the truth that's in front of them. The only way to write Rorschach is to be relevant."


  • Writer: Tom King

  • Artist: Jorge Fornés

  • Colorist: Dave Stewart

  • Cover Artist: Jorge Fornés

  • Variant Cover Artists: Steve Rude, Lee Weeks, Ben Oliver

  • Joining the Justice League is a goal for any superhero, but what happens when a quest for membership takes a sinister turn? Join Starman, Metamorpho, and Warlord as they look to prove themselves worthy by summoning and defeating Darkseid in battle. Soon they’ll learn that calling upon a New God never ends well, and their world is headed for disaster as a result! The journey to save the day will be a treacherous one filled with princesses, knights, and all kinds of monsters. Each person the heroes encounter plays a crucial role in this sprawling yet gripping narrative that is a little bit silly, a whole lot dark, and completely cool.

  • On Sale: May 3, 2022

Danger Street is written by Tom King with art by Jorge Fornés and colors by Dave Stewart. Issue #1 goes on sale May 3 from DC.

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