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Spider-Man: Marvel Has Officially Ended the Spider-Verse

The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man #7 from Marvel Comics.

The concluding chapter to Spider-Man's "End of the Spider-Verse" storyline officially dissolves the Spider-Verse, at least for the time being.

Spider-Man #7 comes from writer Dan Slott, penciler Mark Bagley, inkers John Dell and Andrew Hennessy, colorist Edgar Delgado and letterer VC's Joe Caramagna. In Spider-Man #6, Silk/Cindy Moon stabbed Morlum with the Totem Dagger -- a weapon that can entirely erase people from existence. As a result, all of the Spider-Verse heroes previously killed by Morlun were resurrected and a new reality was created that Araña described as a "complete reset."

In Spider-Man #7, heroes from across the Spider-Verse find themselves arriving on Earth-616. After joining together to defeat Shathra, the heroes regroup and discuss how they can get back to their respective worlds. Silk is quickly appointed as the new leader of the Spider-Verse after she was declared "the chosen one" in the previous issue; however, a solution to get everyone home doesn't immediately present itself in the issue. One Spider-Man variant asks if Earth-616 has become the new Loomworld -- the Web-Warriors' previous base of operations when maneuvering through the Spider-Verse -- which gets a "beats me" out of another.

Needing a moment to step away from the spotlight, Silk finds Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the crowd and the two get a brief moment to converse. Peter reaffirms Silk's new leadership status while also declaring it's time for him to begin a new journey. "This is the end of the Spider-Verse," Peter confirms. "You see, I've recently been reminded that I have great power and great responsibility...for this world. And for this friendly, neighborhood, now and forever...I am their Amazing Spider-Man."

What Comes Next for Spider-Man in Slott and Bagley's Series?

With the "End of the Spider-Verse" storyline now complete, future installments of Slott and Bagley's Spider-Man will see Peter receive a major power upgrade. Solicitation information for Spider-Man #9, which releases June 7, 2023, further indicates this power-up will cause Peter to lose control of his Spider-Sense, all while Electro decides to seize the opportunity to make a grand return. Slott and Humberto Ramos will also tell the origin story of Spider-Boy, Peter's long-lost sidekick who makes their official debut in Spider-Man #7, in Edge of Spider-Verse #3, which releases on June 21, 2023.

Spider-Man #7 features cover art by Bagley and Delgado and variant cover art by Carlos Gómez, Jesus Aburtov, Humberto Ramos and Delgado. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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