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RUMOR: What If...? Season 2 Will Include Season 1's Lost Gamora Episode As Promised

This week's Your Nerd Show:

What If...? Season 2 will make good on head writer A.C. Bradley's promise to air the animated anthology series' "lost" Gamora episode, according to a recent rumor.

The rumor comes via The Nerd Rage Podcast, which recently posted a list of purported episode titles for What If...? Season 2 on X. This list included an installment called "What If…? Gamora Killed Thanos," which seemingly aligns with the basic premise of anentry famously developed for, but ultimately cut from, What If...? Season 1. Bradley assured Marvel Cinematic Universe fans that the untold story would be included with What If...?'s second batch of episodes back in October 2021, and The Nerd Rage Podcast's episode title list would appear to bear this out. That said, as neither Marvel Studios nor Disney+ has verified the accuracy of the list, its contents should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

The lost Gamora episode wasn't the only alleged What If...? Season 2 installment to inspire an excited response from MCU devotees online. Several other titles on The Nerd Rage Podcast's list captured the fanbase's imagination, including a festive-themed Happy Hogan episode. Titled "What If…? Happy Hogan Saved Christmas," this addition to the What If...? canon will presumably see Tony Stark's bodyguard buddy save the day on Dec. 25 (if it is indeed in development as claimed). Live-action Happy Hogan actor Jon Favreau reprised the role in What If...? Season 1, however, it's unclear whether he's attached to Season 2 at this stage.

Will What If...? Season 2 Include a Musical Episode?

The Nerd Rage Podcast's list also opens up the possibility that What If...? Season 2 will include a musical episode. This is suggested by the alleged installment title "What If…? Wanda Had Grown Up Watching Musicals Instead of Sitcoms?" Given Wanda Maximoff's childhood fixation with sitcoms served as the basis for the Disney+ series WandaVision emulating that genre to tell its story, it stands to reason that shifting her obsession to song-and-dance fare would result in a musical-themed episode, instead. Again, it's worth noting that this remains pure speculation for now, and such an episode is not yet officially part of What If...? Season 2.

Not all the rumors related to What If...?'s second season currently doing the rounds were spawned by The Nerd Rage Podcast's title list, though. Notably, there are also rumblings that What If...? Season 2 will mark the return of Strange Supreme, the corrupted version of Doctor Strange introduced in Season 1.

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