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REPORT: Pedro Pascal Offered Reed Richards Role for Fantastic Four Reboot

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In recent months, various actors were rumored to be up for the role of Reed Richards alone. That includes names like Adam Driver, Matt Smith, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It slowed down a bit with the SAG-AFTRA strike freezing the casting process, but the rumor mill is churning again with the strike now over. According to known film industry scooper Daniel Richtman, the role has now been offered to Pascal, and the Last of Us star is said to be on the verge of officially signing on. While it hasn't been corroborated by Marvel or Pascal, the rumor very quickly went viral online, spreading swiftly throughout social media and getting picked up by many entertainment outlets. Additionally, a new report from /Film claims that Pascal has actually been signed and that an official announcement will soon be made; another report from Deadline claims that he hasn't signed, but is close to doing so, pending scheduling.

The rumor hasn't been verified officially at this time, though it's clearly enough to get the attention of many fans very quickly, given the interest in the casting of Fantastic Four along with the popularity of Pascal. It wouldn't be a surprise if Pascal was indeed offered the part, as Marvel Studios is enduring some turbulence at the box office, most notably with the recent release of The Marvels. Casting someone as beloved as Pascal would help get the Fantastic Four reboot off to a good start with drumming up fan interest in the movie.

Who Will Be the New Fantastic Four in the MCU?

While nobody has yet been officially cast, the other members of the titular foursome have also had rumored names attached. Vanessa Kirby has been heavily rumored to be up for the role of Sue Storm, and it's gotten to the point where she was again asked about the potential casting just recently. She didn't outright debunk the rumors, only saying coyly when asked, "I don’t know, you’ll have to ask [Marvel]. I would be very honored to join."

What is known about the new Fantastic Four movie is that it will be directed by Matt Shakman, and Josh Friedman boarded the project earlier this year to write the newest draft. Speaking about the great debate over the Fantastic Four casting on The Playlist's The Discourse podcast, Shakman recently teased, "The fact that there is so much debate, I love it. I have been thinking about who should play these characters before I had the job to direct the movie, and I understand why everybody would be thinking in the same way."

On when to expect casting announcements, Shakman further teased, "It’s not going to be immediately when the SAG strike has resolved, but we’ll be able to share some news at some point. And I hope people are as excited about this cast as I am.”

Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot will hit theaters on May 2, 2025.

Source: Daniel Richtman

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