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REPORT: Netflix Developing Wednesday Spinoff Series for Uncle Fester

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According to a new report from Bloomberg, there are discussions at Netflix to develop a spinoff series for Wednesday, the hit show starring Jenna Ortega as a college-aged Wednesday Addams. It is said that the plan is to create a spinoff focusing on Uncle Fester with Fred Armisen reprising the role. As of now, the concept has not been officially greenlit, though Netflix is reportedly "eager to establish a pipeline of Addams Family programs to build off the success of Wednesday." The report also noted that the spinoff will rely upon fleshing out the story along with setting up contracts and scheduling for the talent.

The Fester-focusedWednesday spinoff is also named as just one series Netflix is looking to develop from an established IP. It's been reported that the streamer has plans for two separate Peaky Blinders spinoffs as well, along with a possible TV series spinoff for Chris Hemsworth's Extraction movies. Netflix's flagship series Stranger Things is also preparing to end its run with a sixth and final season, though there have been many reports of that show getting a new spinoff to also continue the franchi

Wednesday Is Getting a Second Season

Time will tell if the Uncle Fester series comes to be, but at the very least, there will be another season of Wednesday in store for fans. Season 2 is set to start filming in April 2024 in Ireland, moving from where the first season was shot in Romania. It's been quite the wait for Season 2, as the first season of Wednesday premiered on Netflix in November 2022. The renewal was announced in January.

Even if the Fester series doesn't go through, fans may still see more of the Addams Family in the future of Wednesday. Wednesday's family members were only featured in limited appearances in Season 1, while there have been reports of characters like Morticia and Gomez getting more screen time in Season 2. The cast has also teased that another member of the family will be featured in Season 2, which could be referring to Cousin Itt or Grandmama. In any case, it would seem that there are big plans for the future of Wednesday.

The first season of Wednesday is streaming on Netflix, while Season 2 does not yet have a premiere date.

Source: Bloomberg

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