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Nightwing Now Has Real Superpowers and a New Costume

The following contains major spoilers for Nightwing #103 from DC Comics.

Dick Grayson gets a new costume and his very own superpowers from Neron in DC's Nightwing #103.

Nightwing #103 comes from writer Tom Taylor, artists Travis Moore and Vasco Georgiev, colorist Adriano Lucas and letterer Wes Abbott. In the issue, Nightwing and the Titans make their way into Hell after running into a deadly new villain called the Grinning Man. The Titans apprehended the Grinning Man in Nightwing #102 after he tried to kidnap a young girl, Olivia Desmond, who is the daughter of Roland Desmond/Blockbuster. The Grinning Man told the Titans he was working for Neron, who previously made a deal with Blockbuster to collect Olivia's soul.

While the Titans don't run into Neron when traversing through the underworld, the notorious DC villain later appears before Nightwing after they return to Blüdhaven. Nightwing attempts to give Neron a document declaring himself as Olivia's temporary guardian, which would then nullify Neron's deal with Blockbuster; however, Neron hits him with a different proposal.

Nightwing May Now Be as Strong as Superman

"You must have so many feelings of inadequacy around your fellow heroes," Neron tells Nightwing. "You must struggle, as a mortal man, to keep up with all of these people with amazing powers. I know what you want for humanity. How much could you achieve if I connected you to the Speed Force? How much good could you do with the strength of a Kryptonian?" Neron then offers to give Nightwing "a taste" of this power and the final page of Nightwing #103 sees hovering in the air in a blue, gold and black new costume homaging several of Dick's past outfits.

Dick's new transformation will be explored in Nightwing #104, which releases on May 23, 2023. The synopsis for the issue reads, "Nightwing and the Titans realize the only way to save Olivia is to…go to hell! Seeing how ineffective his punching was when he last confronted Neron’s demons, Nightwing is temporarily powered up by magic in order to make it through the depths of hell alive…literally. Then, in the backup: Nightwing and Jon Kent find an important clue as to who’s behind the circus murders, and that person may be connected to Dick Grayson…"

Nightwing #103 features cover art by Bruno Redondo and variant cover art by Moore, Tamra Bonvillain, Jamal Campbell, Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok and Georgiev. The issue is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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