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Nickelodeon's The Smurfs Releases First Trailer, Release Date

The Smurfs have become an iconic part of the animation landscape — and now, it looks like they're about to be introduced for a whole new generation. On Thursday, Nickelodeon released the first details for their take on The Smurfs, an all-new series that will be debuting in September. The series will hail from Nickelodeon, LAFIG Belgium and IMPS, the worldwide licensor for The Smurfs. The series, which will utilize CG animation to tell new rousing adventures for the group, also released an official trailer, which you can check out below.

The Smurfs marks the return of the globally renowned characters to television for the first time in nearly 40 years and follows Papa Smurf (David Freeman), Smurfette (Berangere McNeese), Brainy (Youssef El Kaoukibi), Hefty, Clumsy and the other inhabitants of Smurf Village on all-new adventures, packed with humor, heart and high-stakes action. In the premiere episode, “Smurf-Fu,” when Smurfette rescues Brainy from a giant snake, the other Smurfs ask her to teach them “Smurf-Fu.” Next in, “Diaper Daddy,” when everyone is tired of changing Baby’s diapers, Handy decides to invent a robot that will do the job.

The series also includes Lenny Mark Irons as Gargamel, a conniving human wizard with a bottomless thirst to capture Smurfs, and Catherine Hershey (Boundary Games) as Willow, the brave and wise matriarch of a new tribe of girl Smurfs.

The Smurfs CG-animated series acquisition is overseen by Layla Lewis, Senior Vice President, Global Acquisitions and Content Partnerships and Dana Cluverius, Senior Vice President, Current Series Animation for Nickelodeon.

The Smurfs is a Peyo Productions and Dupuis Audiovisuel production, in co-production with KiKA, Ketnet and RTBF, with the participation of TF1 and with the participation of Wallimage (La Wallonie), of Screen Flanders, of BNPPFFF and with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Government and the participation of the CNC.

What do you think of the first trailer for Nickelodeon's new take on The Smurfs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

The Smurfs is set to debut on Friday, September 10th at 7:30 PM ET/PT.

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