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New Witcher Game to Introduce Original School, Confirms CDPR

Developer CD Projekt Red recently announced a new Witcher game is in the works, offering artwork to go along with it. It has already sparked quite a bit of discussion among the fanbase, with several theories concerning what the artwork is actually depicting. Global community manager Marcin Momot seemingly confirmed a theory and the introduction of a new school.

On social media, Momot responded to a question about whether or not the strange medallion depicted in the artwork is from the School of the Lynx. The CD Projekt Red representative used a gif implying the affirmative, without elaborating.

There has been an abundance of speculation already that the partially-obscured medallion in the artwork is from the mysterious School of the Lynx, which has not appeared in the video games franchise's canon so far, and certainly not author Andrzej Sapkowski's novels, which only established three schools. There is a plethora of information concerning the story of the School of the Lynx, but this is all circulating fan fiction. The school itself was originally intended to be a part of the video games and its name continues to appear in certain item codes, for items from the School of the Cat.

Following several years of rumors, CD Projekt Red recently confirmed a new game, and a new saga, is currently in development. While they announcement did not provide too many details, the developer wrote, "We're happy to announce that the next installment in The Witcher series of video games is currently in development, kicking off a new saga for the franchise." It continued, "We're moving from REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, beginning a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games... We'll closely collaborate with Epic Games’ developers with the primary goal being to help tailor the engine for open-world experiences."

Official video game canon contains eight schools, with five of them stemming from the Order of Witchers, the School of the Bear, School of the Viper, School of the Cat, School of the Griffin and the School of the Wolf; and two of them being established far across the Korath Desert, the School of the Manticore and the School of the Crane. Only the Wolf school is well-established in the novels, though there are small allusions to a Cat School and Griffin School.

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