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New Echo Trailer Officially Confirms Netflix's Daredevil Is MCU Canon

The teaser focuses on reintroducing the formidable "Kingpin" Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio). Using footage of Kingpin's scenes from the the previous Daredevil, we see black and white shots of Wilson Fisk sitting in prison reminiscing on his first taste of blood and violence as a young boy, who grabbed a hammer and repeatedly hit his father over the head with it, killing him and crushing his skull after witnessing the abuse of his mother. The trailer cuts back to scenes of the older Kingpin amidst the Hell's Kitchen gang wars shown in early Daredevil seasons, while facing his most powerful adversary in the "Devil of Hell's Kitchen," Daredevil (Charlie Cox).

The trailer goes on to tease the conflict of Echo's upcoming first season, showcasing the bloody war between Kingpin and his former beloved niece Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), who wants to kill him for orchestrating her father William Lopez's death, as revealed in Hawkeye Season 1. Also in the trailer are flashes of Echo's battle with Daredevil, which was recently revealed in a separate teaser and received mixed reviews from fans regarding the action choreography.

The Debate Has Persisted for Years

The debate over whether Netflix's Daredevil is considered canon within the Marvel Cinematic Universe has persisted among fans for several years. This discussion gained momentum following Matt Murdock's return in a cameo appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Daredevil went on to feature prominently in the 2022 She-Hulk series and, after his guest spot in Echo, will return to star in Daredevil: Born Again, while the iconic Kingpin made his MCU debut in the Hawkeye series alongside his fan-favorite surrogate niece, Echo, who quickly earned her own standalone series.

Brad Winderbaum, the executive producer of Echo seemingly settled the debate by confirming that Netflix's Daredevil series is indeed part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe canon in an interview and the usage of footage from Netflix's Daredevil in an official teaser confirms Winderbaum's statements.

After the conclusion of Echo Kingpin, Daredevil and Echo are all expected to return in Daredevil: Born Again, which is undergoing a creative shift after an overhaul of the show's directors and writers last September, despite around half of Season 1's 18 episodes being filmed at that point. Vincent D'Onofrio insists the show will have the same tone as its Netflix counterpart and Echo is the first show released under the Marvel Spotlight banner and the first mature rated series in MCU history.

Echo premieres on Disney+ and Hulu on Jan. 9.

Source: YouTube

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