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Marvel Superheroes are the World's Most Popular, Study Determines

A new study finds that Marvel's superhero characters are the world's favorites, beating DC Comics' popularity in most countries and states.

A new study shows that Marvel's heroes and villains have the edge over the inhabitants of the DC Universe.

A study conducted by Game analyzed Google search volumes across the world, and found that Marvel takes the lead in 51 countries. The majority of Marvel fans live in the United States, with India and Brazil coming in second and third place respectively. DC fans have their biggest representation in South Korea, with other countries such as Russia and China also favoring the "Distinguished Competition."

In the United States itself, Marvel is favored in 28 states while DC takes the lead in 22. The state with the most Marvel fans is California, with over 52,000 searches a year. DC reigns supreme in Texas with over 40,000 searches. Ironically, another DC-leaning location is New York City -- which serves as a major fixture in the Marvel Universe.

The study also breaks down the worldwide popularity of heroes and villains across the world. Spider-Man takes first place in 57 countries, with Wonder Woman close behind in 15. Rounding out the list is Batman in 11 countries and Iron Man in 10. On the villain's side, Thanos reigns supreme with 66 countries naming the Mad Titan as their favorite villain. The Joker comes in second place with 21 countries, and Venom rounds out the top three with 16 countries.

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