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Marvel Debuts the Spider-Verse's Nicest Spider-Man Ever: Meet Spider-Friend

The following contains spoilers for Marvel Voices: Spider-Verse(2023) #1 from Marvel Comics.

The new Marvel Voices: Spider-Verse anthology one-shot introduces readers to one of the nicest Spider-Man variants ever, Spider-Friend,

Marvel Voices: Spider-Verse (2023) #1 features a story, "Workin' It Out" by writer and illustrator Jason Loo and letterer VC's Travis Lanham. The story takes place within a sitcom-inspired world on Earth-CH10 and introduces a version of Peter Parker who was born in Kora and then raised in the United States by Auntie May and Uncle Ben. "When he was younger, he was bitten by a radio active spider during summer camp," Loo wrote in a Spider-Friend character spotlight featured at the end of the story. "Peter is the guy who's been struggling to do things on his own without the help of any rich parents compared to his friends. He is trying to get a stable job as a photographer while balancing being a superhero and protecting the city of New York."

Following a successful day of web-slinging, Peter returns to his Auntie May's diner, to greet his companions, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson (who is engaged to Harry in this world) and Pepper Potts, who is planning a surprise birthday party for her husband and Peter's best friend, Anthony Stark.

Spider-Friend Proves He's the Spider-Man Anyone Would Want In Their Corner

The party planning is interrupted when the Vulture tries to kill Anthony, who doesn't appear to be Iron Man in this world like his Earth-616 counterpart. After successfully defeating the villain, Peter laments to Auntie May about the struggles it takes to be a superhero and maintain relationships with friends who may be taking him for granted. "For all the years we've known each other...I've always been tied up with their lives," he says. "Yet every single day, they talk over me or I fall for one of their stupid antics...I'm risking my life to protect my friends. I just wish they put in the effort to know more about me."

Auntie May reassures Peter he's doing the right thing and is an all-around good guy despite what might think. "You've got a gift, and you're doing lots of great things with it, Peter," she says. "You can overcome anything. That's what makes you the better person." Agreeing with Auntie May's advice, the story then ends with Peter joining in Anthony's birthday celebration.

Marvel Voices: Spider-Verse (2023) #1 features additional contributions by Sana Amanat, Vita Ayala, Alberto Alburquerque, Rachelle Rosenberg, Jeremy Holt, Eric Koda, Erick Arciniega, Steve Foxe, Luciano Vecchio, Ruth Redmond, J. Holtham, Ken Lashley, Ceci de la Cruz, Cody Ziglar, Jahnoy Lindsay, Java Tartaglia, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Julian Shaw, Andrew Dalhouse, Saint Bodhi and ChrisCross. Cover art comes from Leinil Francis Yu and Jesus Aburtov and variants by InHyuk Lee, John Giang, Phil Jimenez and Rosenberg. Marvel Voices: Spider-Verse (2023) #1 is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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