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Looks Like Marvel’s She-Hulk Is Going To Have More Episodes Than We Thought

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a force on the big screen for well over a decade, having given audiences plenty of massive adventures along the way. Now, the franchise is hitting the small screen through a number of shows that are slated to premiere on Disney+. One of these new series is She-Hulk, which will finally bring Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin, Jennifer Walters, to the live-action realm. Marvel Studios has been promising that these shows will have six-episode seasons, but based on some recent comments from the show’s creatives, it looks like She-Hulk is going to run a bit longer than assumed.

She-Hulk will be helmed by two directors, Dead to Me’s Kat Coiro and Never Have I Ever’s Anu Valia, who were officially announced to be joining the series during Disney’s Investor Day presentation. Shortly after, the two took to their Instagram accounts to share the news. In Coiro’s post, a user asked about her specific duties on the show, to which Coiro revealed that she would be “directing [the] pilot, finale plus 4 other episodes. And Executive producing!”

In her own post, Anu Valia expressed her excitement about joining the upcoming MCU series. And while praising Kat Coiro, she also spoke on what she’ll be doing as a director:

friggin stoked to go on this ride together (@katcoiro is our visionary leader im just doing a few eppys !! but it’ll be a fun one)

So with Kat Coiro doing six episodes and Anu Valia doing a few of her own, it would seem that She-Hulk could, at the very least, have eight episodes. And because Valia says she’s helming “a few,” there’s a chance she could be doing more than two. Is it possible the show could have nine or ten episodes?

It honestly wouldn’t be crazy to think that She-Hulk could hit the ten-episode mark. Marvel Studiios head Kevin Feige has described the show as a “half-hour legal comedy.” So maybe this format allows a larger number of episodes compared to series like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Given its format and new lead character, She-Hulk should be a breath of fresh air for the MCU. We’ve seen plenty of superheroes in the franchise, but it’s rare that we see any of them fight off supervillains while trying to maintain a full-time career. Watching Tatiana Maslany’s 6’7” Jennifer Walters work in and outside of the courtroom should be fun. And things will be even more interesting since the series will feature appearances from Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky a.k.a. The Abomination.

It seems fans have yet another reason to be excited about She-Hulk, and a larger episode count should help the show better flesh out its characters. With any luck, this should help Jennifer Walters become an MCU fan-favorite.

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