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Loki Season 2 Set Photos Debut Sylvie's New '70s-Era Uniform

A new pair of set photos from Marvel Studios' Disney+ original series Loki reveal that Sylvie Laufeydottir (Sophia Di Martino) has a new job in Season 2.

Shared by Twitter user Best of Tom Hiddleston, the first photo finds a sharply-dressed Loki (Tom Hiddleston) standing outside a McDonald's restaurant in what appears to be the 1970s. In the second photo, a confused-looking Loki is joined by Sylvie, who is seen wearing an era-appropriate McDonald's uniform, sipping a soft drink and holding a burger box as she walks away from the God of Mischief.

Previous photos from the set of Loki that have found their way online suggest that the 1970s will be a major setting in the reality-bending Marvel show's second season. In fact, one '70s-themed set even features a retro-style poster for a movie starring none other than Kingo of the Eternals, who became a major star in Bollywood for decades upon decades by pretending to be his own descendants.

Loki and Sylvie Have had Quite the Journey Already

Marvel Studios' Loki premiered on June 9, 2021, with Season 1 running for six episodes through July 14, 2021. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe's main version of Loki met his demise in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, 2019's Avengers: Endgame saw Earth's Mightiest Heroes travel back in time, inadvertently creating an alternate timeline where Loki escaped with the Tesseract after the events of 2012's The Avengers, thus setting up the character's Disney+ series.

Season 1 followed the 2012 Loki variant after being detained and recruited by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that exists outside space and time. The TVA has been tasked with preserving the "Sacred Timeline" by eliminating all variants. While on his new journey, Loki encountered (and formed a bond with) Sylvie, a variant of himself with a chip on her shoulder and a bone to pick with the TVA.

Sylvie ultimately killed He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), the TVA's founder and a variant of Kang the Conqueror, thus opening the MCU up to the multiverse. After the fact, Loki found that things had already changed, and that those he had gotten to know at the TVA -- namely Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) -- no longer recognized him. It was during Loki's Season 1 finale that a second season was confirmed.

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 does not have a release date.

Source: Twitter

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