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Loki: 10 Marvel Characters Who Could Make Surprise Appearances

Loki's premiere brings the MCU hype cycle back around to the beginning, as the first episode had plenty of new plot elements for fans to mull over. While concepts like the TVA are new to the MCU, that doesn't stop fans from speculating what MCU characters might show up in the show.

Marvel's comics are full of great characters that can make an appearance in the new show, ones that could open up new doors in the MCU and broaden it, making it more like the comic universe.

10 Iron Lad Would Fit The Premise Of The Show

With the introduction of Ravonna in the show, that means her on-again-off-again lover Kang might show up. Kang opens a lot of possibilities, including versions of him that exist across his personal timeline and one of the most interesting ones is Iron Lad. Iron Lad is a younger version of the Conqueror and a founder of the Young Avengers.

Marvel Studios looks to be introducing a lot of Young Avengers in Phase 4 which makes bringing Iron Lad in look like a sure bet for Loki. He also can give viewers a different look at Kang and what he could have been if he hadn't made the choices he did.

9 Immortus Worked For The Time Keepers On More Than One Occasion

Speaking of other versions of Kang, the Time Keepers being the TVA's bosses open up the introduction of yet another cross-time version of Kang: Immortus. Immortus is an older version of Kang, one who has realized that trying to conquer everything is foolish and instead has chosen to work with the great powers of the universe for a share of the pie.

Immortus has worked for the Time Keepers in the past, so seeing him in the show makes sense thematically and if Kang shows up, it would be fun to see them play off each other. Kang hates his future self, thinking of him as a cowardly sell-out and Immortus thinks that Kang is a childish fool.

8 Lila Cheney Could Bring Some Mutant Representation Into The MCU

Everyone keeps speculating on when mutants are going to join the MCU and Loki actually could be a pretty good place for it. There are few mutants who can travel through time but one of them can do it with help: intergalactic rock star Lila Cheney. Lila Cheney has the mutant power to teleport anywhere and can teleport through time if paired with sufficient tech or power objects.

Cheney is a little-known mutant but that kind of makes her perfect to bring into the MCU. Not only would she be a nice Easter egg mutant to put into the show, but her powers would also allow her to help either Loki or the show's mystery villain.

7 Doctor Doom Has A Time Machine

Loki is going to be dealing with time travel a lot, so a villain who can travel through time should appear. That opens things up for a villain that everyone has wanted in the MCU for a long time: Doctor Doom. Doom is one of the few humans on Earth with his own time machine and beyond that has had dealings with Kang in the past.

While it might not seem like the best place to introduce Doom, a cameo in Loki could work very well, something to set him up for a bigger reveal down the road. Even just going to Castle Doom to use his Time Platform and running into some Doombots would be enough to send fans into a tizzy.

6 Hyperion's From An Alternate Reality, One That Could Be Caused By Temporal Meddling

Marvel's comic output basically exists as an IP farm for the MCU nowadays. The high-profile new Heroes Reborn series and its focus on the Squadron Supreme could be a sign that the MCU is going to use some of those characters, and a great place to start would be Hyperion, the ultra-powerful Superman analog of the group.

The Squadron exists on another Earth, one that could be created by temporal meddling in the show. Hyperion is a cool character and the Squadron Supreme could be used in the MCU in all kinds of interesting ways.

5 Two-Gun Kid Could Be Featured In A Western-Themed Episode

Marvel has characters that run the gamut of time and Loki can take advantage of that. A venerable genre in TV and movies is Westerns and seeing that this show is going to heavily deal with time travel, seeing Loki and Agent Mobius go back to the Old West isn't out of the realm of possibilities. This gives Two-Gun Kid a chance to be brought into the MCU.

Two-Gun Kid has helped out the Avengers in the comics when they were trapped in the past and is one of the most recognizable of all Marvel's Old West characters. Using him in an Old West episode would give fans in the know a great moment.

4 The Avengers Of One Million BC Could Show MCU Fans A Different View Of The Group

The Avengers of One Million BC were introduced as part of the wide-ranging Celestial story that Jason Aaron started during his Avengers run. Consisting of ancient ancestors of Marvel heroes like Black Panther, Iron Fist, and Ghost Rider, as well as Odin and the Phoenix Force, there was always something fairly ridiculous about them. To begin with, humans didn't exist in any recognizable form back then—but a show like Loki would be a cool place to see them.

Seeing as how Odin is a member of the group that gives it a link to Loki and the show could easily send Loki and Mobius back to the team's time. Plus, the team's connection to Celestials could provide a crossover to the upcoming Eternals.

3 Thunderstrike Could Be A Great Addition To The MCU

In the comics, Thor has worked differently than he did in the movies, often having hosts in the early days of the character. One of them was Eric Masterson and when he lost Mjolnir, he was given an Asgardian mace and became known as Thunderstrike. His son would also take up the mace and battle evil as Thunderstrike after his father's death.

Loki could see Thunderstrike show up in some way, maybe as an alternate timeline character or just as an Asgardian weapon the TVA has lying around that is given to someone to help Loki and Mobius.

2 Ares Would Be An Interesting Contrast To Loki

In the comics, the Norse gods are the ones who hang out the most with the heroes but other pantheons have been known to shop up, like the Greek pantheon. Two different members of that pantheon have joined up with the Avengers: Hercules and Ares. Either would be great to introduce but especially Ares, since the God of War would play well off of Loki.

In a lot of ways, Ares is very much like Thor but not as buffoon-ish as the MCU version of the God of Thunder. Seeing him play off the flippant Loki and Loki realizing he can't play him like he could Thor would be great.

1 Beta Ray Bill Needs To Show Up In The MCU

Beta Ray Bill is a fan-favorite character and the fact that he isn't in the MCU yet is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Comic fans love the character and at this point, most of them don't care how he gets into the MCU, they just want him there. Loki would be a great place for it because of the link between Thor, Bill, and Loki.

Beta Ray Bill was found worthy of Mjolnir, then given his own hammer when Thor proved he was worthy of Mjolnir again and is an all-around great character. Using Loki to bring him into the MCU would be a lot of fun for his fans and get him a whole slew of new ones.

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