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I Am Groot Season 2 Sets a New Runtime Record for Disney+ and Marvel

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The upcoming season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Disney+ show, I Am Groot, is set to stream soon.

However, a recent revelation via X (formerly known as Twitter), which confirms that the season will have an even reduced runtime than Season 1, has left fans of the beloved Guardians of the Galaxy character disappointed.

Despite the excitement surrounding its upcoming release, this newest addition to MCU's Disney+ lineup is set to create an unexpected record in terms of length. Ryan Little, who serves as one of the writers for I Am Groot, took to X, to share the update about the show's runtime. He expressed excitement about the action-packed content, stating, "The Boy is back! You won’t believe how much magic we packed into 15 minutes of content." This news comes after the release of the first trailer for Season 2.

A runtime of just 15 minutes makes the season the shortest of any MCU content ever released. This revelation is somewhat shocking, especially given the expectations and overall positive response to the initial season. Over the past few years, the runtime of Marvel Studios' Disney+ shows has been a point of discussion among fans, particularly during the more recent Phase 4 and Phase 5. However, the spotlight is now on I Am Groot, which has broken the record.

Baby Groot Returns for More Mischief

I Am Groot follows the miniature adventures of Baby Groot, who first captured hearts inGuardians of the Galaxy. The plant-like creature notably died in the first film before beginning to grow again in the subsequent installments. Season 1 saw Baby Groot's journey unfold in bite-sized adventures in 5 short episodes with a combined runtime of 16 minutes excluding the credits. Season 2 will continue the same trend, with Vin Diesel returning as Groot, and animator Kirsten Lepore once again writing and directing all the episodes.

One notable addition to the upcoming season is Jeffrey Wright's Watcher, a character from the Marvel universe's What If, making an appearance in the first new trailer. This unexpected twist suggests that Season 2 will bring some fresh faces to the animated shorts and potentially introduce new dimensions to the MCU narrative.

I Am Groot Season 2 will be streaming on Disney+ from Sept. 6.

Source: X via The Direct

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