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Hugh Jackman's Deadpool 3 Wolverine Is a 'Completely New' Character

Though Deadpool 3 marks the long-awaited return of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to the big screen, star Ryan Reynolds claims fans will get a new version of the character.

Speaking with ET Canada, Reynolds, who reprises his role as the "Merc with a Mouth" in the Deadpool threequel, insists the Wolverine audiences will see in the upcoming blockbuster is a different man. "What we pitched him was enough of a divergence from the character that he knows and the character that he's left behind, that it gives him something completely new to play and something that he's really excited to do," he said.

Hugh Jackman Returns as Wolverine

Jackman confirmed his return as Wolverine in a video alongside Reynolds last October, stirring excitement among MCU enthusiasts. According to Reynolds, he's long held the ambition of working alongside Jackman on-screen, suggesting the timing was right for the Australian actor to bring back his character. "We've wanted to do this for decades… it's weirdly the perfect time," he said. "I was just pestering him like a gnat over the last many years. I believe in timing, as much as hard work and luck and all those intersections that are supposed to meet. Timing's the big one. I think he was ready. I think he was excited."

Jackman made the Wolverine character one of the most celebrated among Marvel fans, popularizing the character through his features in the X-Men film franchise between the 2000 original movie and 2016's Apocalypse. His last feature as James Howlett's alter-ego came in 2017's Logan, officially retiring from portraying the character, though he later expressed regret for announcing said retirement. Many have linked Wolverine's inclusion in Deadpool 3to a potential X-Men MCU debut, though it doesn't appear to be any clear indication of the mutant group's eventual introduction.

Deadpool 3's Cast Adds Succession Star

Along with Reynolds and Jackman, who has been bulking up for his Wolverine return, Deadpool 3 features Succession star Matthew Macfadyen and Karan Soni, who reprises his role as Deadpool's de facto chauffeur Dopinder. Additionally, Morena Baccarin and Stefan Kapičić will once again play Vanessa and Colussus, respectively, as they did during the first two Deadpool films.

Little is known about Deadpool 3's plot, with the synopsis simply teasing, "Another chapter in the raunchy, violent, and of course, hilarious Deadpool series." However, the superhero film will be the MCU's first R-rated movie, as confirmed by Marvel president Kevin Feige. Filming for the movie, which will open Marvel's Phase 6, begins on May 1.

Deadpool 3 opens in theaters across North America on Nov. 8, 2024.

Source: ET Canada via GameSpot

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