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This Halloween "Your Nerd Side" goes on location inside a Mortuary in Oakland and did we hear voices and feel things.

A historic 1932 Mortuary near Pill Hill in Oakland! We will be investigating a location that was in service for 80 or so years. Mortuaries are haunted! Are you brave enough to join us in investigating a location that was likely an active portal (and maybe still is!) to the afterlife? Are your ready to hear what the dead have to say? Don’t miss listening to this this unique show from the Bay Area, it’s not often such a location becomes available for a paranormal investigation!

Fonseca joins Devin Sisk and Ellen Mcfallane from Napa City Ghost Legends Walking Tour. We visit the boiler room, main chapel and the embalming room.

This show scared me and maybe you HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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