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Ezra Miller Did All of Their Own Stunts for The Flash

Ezra Miller did all their own stunts for The Flash, according to the upcoming DC Universe epic's director, Andy Muschietti.

Muschietti discussed Miller's eagerness to tackle their own stuntwork during the DC Studios panel at CinemaCon 2023, reports The Hollywood Reporter. "They are an incredible actor and [represented] the chance to work with one of the best actors that I've ever worked with," he said. "I discovered they are an incredible comedian and also [handled] all the action required for a big spectacle like this. They wanted to do all the stunts, and I let them."

Muschietti touched on The Flash's elaborate action set pieces in a previous interview, highlighting how heavily they draw upon the movie's time travel mechanics. The filmmaker added that the challenge of choreographing these sequences was trying to put a fresh spin on such a well-worn plot device, which proved to be a rewarding creative exercise. "[H]ow do I tell time travel on The Flash? How do I show time travel in a new, exciting way? Set pieces invite scale. I love dreaming of big landscapes, and for that I use a different visual mindset than when I am telling more contained stories," he said.

The Flash Producer On Production Delays

The Flash's time travel-infused action scenes involved extensive use of visual effects -- and fans apparently have the film's delayed release date for these effects looking so slick. The Flash repeatedly shifted its release date over the course of its troubled production, however, producer Barbara Muschietti recently insisted this was ultimately a blessing in disguise. "We have worked solidly on The Flash for almost four years... The pandemic allowed us to have a longer development," she said. "And, on the other side of shooting, it allowed us to have the time to explore visual effects like never before."

The Flash's protracted development cycle also gave Andy Muschietti and editors Jason Ballantine and Paul Machliss more room to wrangle the DCU blockbuster down to a manageable runtime. Muschietti confirmed that the first cut of The Flash clocked in at just under four hours, and included shoutouts to wider DCU continuity that didn't make the finished film. The director added that at least some of this excised material will potentially be made available to fans as deleted scenes included with The Flash's home media release. Muschietti also made it clear that he's happy with the final, sub-four-hour cut of the movie.

The Flash arrives in cinemas on June 16, 2023.

Source: THR

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