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Eternals Fans Are Livid After Post-Credits Scene Is Spoiled Online

The world premiere of Marvel Studios' Eternals took place on Monday, Oct. 19, and it didn't take long for a major, major spoiler to rear its ugly head.

After the red carpet screening, at least one reputable journalist for a notable entertainment publication bluntly tweeted out a significant spoiler from one of Eternals' two post-credits scenes. Since then, the information has been picked up by multiple outlets, not all of which are shy about shielding the sensitive details from those who might not wish to have it spoiled for them. It's also worth noting the post-credits scenes were omitted from non-red carpet press screenings to help avoid such spoilers from appearing online.

Eternals centers on the eponymous team of immortal superheroes created by Jack Kirby. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, the Eternals are brought out of hiding thanks to the reemergence of their lifelong enemies, the Deviants. "In the past, we see the Eternals, who, in our version of the mythology, are immortal aliens from a planet called Olympia," producer Nate Moore said. "[They've] been asked by the Celestials to come to Earth to rid the Earth of creatures called the Deviants. The Deviants are these parasitic aliens who go from planet to planet, and as they kill the apex predators on a given planet, they sort of take the characteristics of those predators and wipe out intelligent life. Well, the Eternals are heroes, so they've come to earth to eradicate the Deviants and allow humanity to thrive. So, in the past, we see the Eternals as they come earth as they begin their mission."

As alluded to in Moore's comments, beyond the Eternals and the Deviants, the upcoming movie will finally introduce true Celestials to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after they were teased in Guardians of the Galaxy. "In the Collector's lab, they're frankly not as big as they would be in our mind, and obviously Ego was a much different version," he said. "So this gets to be the giant monolithic space gods and you get to see them, which is exciting."

Directed by Chloé Zhao and featuring a sprawling ensemble cast, Eternals arrives in theaters Nov. 5.

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