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Eddie Murphy's Christmas Movie Candy Cane Lane Sets Prime Video Premiere Date

This weeks Your Nerd Side Show:

Eddie Murphy's upcoming Christmas film, Candy Cane Lane, announces its premiere on Prime Video as the acclaimed actor hopes to deliver a sweet treat for audiences this holiday season.

Per Variety, Candy Cane Lane will be released exclusively via Amazon's streaming service on Dec. 1. The holiday comedy sees Murphy star alongside Girlfriends and Black-ish star Tracee Ellis-Ross, The Last of Us actor Nick Offerman and Wild 'N Out's John Whitfield, better known as D.C. Young Fly. The movie is directed by Reginald Hudlin, who previously worked with Murphy on 1992's Boomerang. In a statement, Hudlin said, “I can’t wait for the world to see Candy Cane Lane. I’ve wanted to make a Christmas movie my whole life, but I wanted to do something fresh and surprising. Eddie Murphy and this hilarious cast really bring the funny, it’s super Christmas-y, and it will hit you right in the feels.”

Candy Cane Lane chronicles Murphy's character Chris, a man determined to top a yearly Christmas home decoration contest in his neighborhood. Chris unwittingly strikes a deal with an elf to boost his chances of winning the competition, but the elf casts a spell that awakens the 12 Days of Christmas, causing chaos throughout the neighborhood. As a result, Chris works to save Christmas for his family and the community, battling several mystical creatures along the way.

Filming for Candy Cane Lane took place in Los Angeles between last December and this past February. The script was penned by Kelly Younger, who based the screenplay on his holiday experiences at the famed titular area in El Segundo. Additionally, Academy Award-winning helmer Ron Howard features as a producer. Ross features as Chris' wife, Carol while former Saturday Night Live writer Jillian Bell plays the elf. Candy Cane Lane is the first holiday film to star Murphy, who is known for starring in the Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop and Dr. Dolittle franchises.

Murphy is also set to star in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, centered around his titular Detroit-based police lieutenant. The veteran comedian and actor returned to the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop series, which premieres on Jan. 26, 2024, largely due to the influence of Jerry Bruckheimer, whose involvement convinced him to make another movie. Axel Foley also features Edward "Judge" Reinhold, Paul Reiser and John Ashton.

Eddie Murphy Just Might Return as Donkey

Additionally, Murphy has signalled his intent to feature in another Shrek sequel, admitting he'd quickly take up the opportunity to reprise his role as Donkey in the eponymous film series. Murphy is also in talks to star as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in a Pink Panther reboot being worked on at MGM.

Candy Cane Lane premieres via Prime Video on Dec. 1.

Source: Variety

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