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Dynamite Teases a Darkwing Duck/Justice Ducks Reunion

The Justice Ducks, of course, are the Justice League equivalent in the world of Darkwing Duck. The roster of the team consists of Darkwing Duck, Gizmoduck (from DuckTales), Morgana Macawber (Darkwing Duck's magical former foe turned love interest), Neptunia and Stegmutt. The team is really more of an informal alliance rather than a structured superhero team like the Justice League, but after their 1991 debut in a two-part Season 1 episode of Darkwing Duck, the team only showed up once more on the cartoon, and rarely in the comics since. That is about to change with this new storyline in the pages of Darkwing Duck, as part of Dynamite's Disney Comics line of books


writer: Amanda Deibert

artist: Carlo Lauro

covers: Lesley “Leirix” Li (A), Mirka Andolfo (B), Drew Moss (C), Trish Forstner (D), Ciro Cangialosi (E)

FC | 32 pages | Adventure | $3.99 | Teen

Behold… THE JUSTICE DUCKS! An elite team of superheroes that battle crime with ruthless precision… just kidding. They’re actually a group of ducks (and a fish) that kinda/sorta work together sometimes. But Darkwing’s got that whole “I work better alone!” thing going on, so this issue answers the burning question…Can Darkwing Duck subdue his ego long enough to work with a super-team?*

(*Spoiler: Probably not.)

What is the significance of Launchpad McQuack's compass?

The setup for Darkwing Duck meeting back up with the Justice Ducks is a new superhero museum that Darkwing is naturally irritated at him not being spotlighted as much as he would like in the exhibits. One of the few places where he got some attention was in a Justice Ducks exhibit, which he, of course, feels has downplayed his role in the formation of the superhero team.

When the animated series, DuckTales, launched back in 1987, one of the ways that the then-new show was promoted was with a special compass featuring Launchpad McQuack on it...

Well, in this storyline, Launchpad's compass will play a major role, as apparently his compass has some magical traits, and the Justice Ducks will be along for the ride as we see what crazy locations the heroes will have to go based on Launchpad's compass.

Darkwing Duck #7 is due out on July 19.

Source: Dynamite Entertainment

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