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Dwayne Johnson Says Fast & Furious Crew Thanked Him for Taking Vin Diesel Feud Public

Dwayne Johnson said that multiple Fast & Furious crew members thanked him for taking his feud with Vin Diesel public after the fact.

The Johnson/Diesel feud became public knowledge in August 2016 when Johnson posted a since-deleted message to Instagram, critiquing an unnamed male co-star on The Fate of the Furious for being a "candy ass" -- a put-down he often employed when wrestling as The Rock. It later came to light that Johnson's post referred specifically to Fast & Furious' Dominic Toretto himself.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnson said, "Nothing specific happened [to provoke the post], just the same old shit. And that just wasn’t my best day.” And while he regretted sharing the message on social media, he admitted he doesn't regret the general sentiment.

"[Laughs] It caused a firestorm," Johnson continued. "Yet interestingly enough…[it was] as if every single crew member found their way to me and either quietly thanked me or sent me a note. But, yeah, it wasn’t my best day, sharing that. I shouldn’t have shared that. Because at the end of the day, that goes against my DNA. I don’t share things like that. And I take care of that kind of bullshit away from the public. They don’t need to know that. That’s why I say it wasn’t my best day.”

Johnson and Diesel publicly ended their feud in September 2019, with Johnson thanking Diesel for supporting his Fast & Furious spinoff film, Hobbs & Shaw, and sending him and his new wife Lauren Hashian well wishes. Diesel even hinted at Johnson's return to the main Fast & Furious movies near the start of the year -- an idea Johnson appeared to support. However, that was before Diesel spoke about their feud in June, claiming it stemmed from him trying to improve Johnson's acting through "tough love."

"I laughed, and I laughed hard," said Johnson in July when asked about Diesel's comments. "I think everyone had a laugh at that. And I’ll leave it at that. And that I’ve wished them well. I wish them well on Fast 9. And I wish them the best of luck on Fast 10 and Fast 11 and the rest of the Fast & Furious movies they do that will be without me."

Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions President and producer Hiram Garcia subsequently confirmed that Johnson still plans to make Hobbs & Shaw 2 despite skipping the last two main Fast & Furious movies. The Rock's upcoming projects also include Netflix's action/comedy Red Notice, which begins streaming on Nov. 12.

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